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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 13, 2014

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The Hill: Obama Nearing a Final Decision

Reuters:  Obama to announce action on immigration: Fox News

Fox: Source: Obama to announce 10-point immigration plan via exec action as early as next week

The Hill: Report: Obama immigration plan expected next week

Bloomberg: Some Republicans Seek to Block Obama Immigration Orders

AP: Conservatives Threaten Budget Showdown Over Immigration

Reuters: Republicans eye funding to block Obama on immigration

The Hill: Sessions wants to block immigration move

Wall Street Journal: New GOP Push to Block Immigration Action by Obama

Latin Post: Obama Immigration Action Update: Impeachment ‘Would Be A Consideration’ If President Announces Reform Executive Action, Says Congressman

Washington Post: Will Obama fade or fight as Republicans gain control of Congress

NPR: Immigration Divides Washington, Permanent Solution Unlikely

Huffington Post: Democrats Say Obama Must ‘Go Big’ On Immigration Relief

The Hill:  Dems warn Obama: Don’t back down on immigration

Roll Call: Executive Action on Immigration Could Imperil Omnibus, Cornyn Warns (Video)

Washington Post: Catholic Bishops Back Obama Acting Alone on Immigration

Washington Post:  Democrats: Legal basis for Obama to act on immigration ‘clear and substantial’

Politico: Progressives push Obama to shield more immigrants

USA Today: Hispanics quiet in ’14, not in ‘16

MSNBC: Is President Obama making the right call on immigration?

The Hill: Hispanic Dems: Act now on deportations

Politico (Op-Ed): All or Nothing is a Bad Approach to Immigration

CNN (Opinion): Will ‘cantaloupe caucus’ block immigration deal?

Salon (Opinion): Tea Partyer’s messaging mistake: Admits executive orders don’t stop GOP from writing legislation