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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 11, 2014

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International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2014: Executive Action Prompts Blame Game Between Obama And New Midterm Congress

Newsweek: On Immigration, Nobody Is Winning

Politico: The GOP plan for Lynch: It’s all about immigration

Latin Post: Obama Executive Actions on Immigration Reform:Ted Cruz Seeks Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch’s Stance on Executive Amnesty

Forbes: AG Confirmation To Become Centerpiece Of GOP War Over Obama’s Use Of Executive Order For Amnesty

Fox News: Poisoning the well? Obama’s immigration vow complicates AG nomination, budget bill

MSNBC: GOP congressman sees Obama’s impeachment as ‘a possibility’

Bloomberg: Why Obama Could Act Alone on Immigration Despite Republican Threats

Huffington Post: Conservatives Warn That GOP Must Act On Immigration, Not Just Attack Obama

National Review: Obama Starts Taking Executive Action on Immigration?

BuzzFeed News: GOP Congressman: “Impeachment Would Be A Consideration” If Obama Acts On Immigration (VIDEO)

By Andrew Kaczynski

Fusion: How the GOP could block Obama’s immigration plans

AP: Incoming GOP Senate Chairman Plans Border Bill

Fiscal Times: Talking Past Each Other on Immigration Reform

Vox: The new GOP Senate is already fighting with itself over immigration

The Hill: Boehner ally: Speaker ‘wants’ to do something on immigration

Washington Post (Morning Plum): Ted Cruz goes to war over deportations

EFE (Illinois): Chicago church provides sanctuary for another undocumented Mexican

Huffington Post: (Opinion): The Election Is Over; it’s Time for the President to Act

Washington Post (Wonk Blog): The Fall of the Berlin Wall Could Teach America a lot About Its Own Border

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Best Immigration Policy Is More Immigration

The Atlantic (Opinion): Waiting for Republicans to Act on Immigration Is Pointless

Washington Post (Morning Plum): Ted Cruz goes to war over deportations

MSNBC (Opinion): GOP needs a reason to oppose executive action on immigration

New York Times (Room for Debate): Democrats Must Embrace Latinos and Immigration, Not Run Away

New York Times (Upshot Blog): A Strategy for Rich Countries: Absorb More Immigrants