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Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, March 11, 2015

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Huffington Post: Non-Republicans Welcome (But Not Really) At ‘Bipartisan’ Iowa Event For 2016 Hopefuls
By Samantha Lachman

AP: Judge orders hearing on allegations in immigration lawsuit

New York Times: Judge Blocking Obama on Immigration Has Reputation for Fairness in Texas
By Julia Preston

Los Angeles Times: Judge’s new order makes it harder for Obama to restart immigration moves
By Joseph Tanfani

National Journal: Lynch Nomination Headed for Senate Floor Next Week
By Sarah Mimms

Politico: Senate to take up Loretta Lynch nomination next week
By Seung Min Kim

Roll Call: Loretta Lynch Confirmation Expected Next Week
By Steven Dennis

The Hill: Conservative group fires back in GOP ad war over DHS funding
By Cristina Marcos

Politico: At firefighters meeting, Peter King blasts fellow GOPers
By Katie Glueck

AP: Immigration officials see danger as local cooperation wanes

Los Angeles Times: Immigrant border surge dips; crossings forecast to rise in summer
By Molly Hennessey Fiske

Los Angeles Times:  USC study cites political risk to GOP for opposing immigration plan
By Kate Linthicum

Fusion: Inside the mind of an undocumented kid
By Ted Hesson

The Hill: Senate chairman presses on immigrant Social Security numbers
By Bernie Becker

AP (Iowa): Supporters deliver petition calling for release of Iowa pastor, father facing deportation
By Katie Liepelt

The Gazette (Iowa): Iowa City pastor’s supporters gather 25,000 signatures hoping to halt deportation
By Erin Jordan

The Hill (Op-Ed): The clear choice for Republicans: Confirm Loretta Lynch
By Marge Baker

Fusion (Op-Ed): No justice for immigrants
By Jorge Ramos

Des Moines Register (Editorial-Iowa): Why isn’t immigration reform a priority?