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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 26, 2014

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Washington Post: Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Immigration reform in the House ‘is over’

Associated Press: Rep. Gutierrez: Immigration Reform Chances Over

MSNBC: States pick up pieces of Congress’ immigration reform fail

Think Progress: House Republicans Urge Obama To Deport DREAM-Eligible Immigrants

Durango Herald (Colorado): Hispanics gaining clout in elections, survey finds

Wall Street Journal: Immigrant-Bill Backer Gives Up

Politico: Luis Gutierrez: Immigration reform prospects dead 

Huffington Post: Luis Gutierrez: House GOP’s Time Is Up On Immigration 

The Hill: Gutierrez: House GOP gets ‘red card’ for no immigration bill 

The Hill: White House shares ‘frustration’ on lack of immigration reform

The Hill: Hoyer: Obama on brink of ‘significant’ immigration changes

Talking Points Memo: Boehner Announces Lawsuit Against Obama ‘In The Coming Weeks’

The Hill: Boehner: House will sue Obama

Politico: John Boehner: President Obama hasn’t ‘faithfully’ executed laws

New York Times: Boehner Memo on Suing Obama

Bloomberg: Boehner Says U.S. House Will Sue Obama to Enforce Laws

Roll Call: Boehner Confirms He’ll Sue Obama Over Executive Actions (Video) (Updated)

Roll Call: White House: Boehner Lawsuit Uses Taxpayer Money Against Obama for ‘Doing His Job’ (Updated)

Washington Examiner: How John Boehner’s decision to sue Obama could affect immigration 

MSNBC: GOP pounces on border crisis as immigration reform implodes

Wall Street Journal: Two Senators Talk Immigration

Politico: Chuck Schumer, John McCain talk child migrants

The Hill: Goodlatte hits at WH: Reform, border security won’t solve immigration crisis

ABC News: More Than 50% of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors Remain in US

Associated Press: Feds Say They Will Discourage Child Immigration

Wall Street Journal: Immigrant ‘Stash Houses’ Thrive Along Texas-Mexico Border

Vox: The Central American migrant crisis isn’t just a US problem, in one chart

CBS News: No short-term fixes for flood of unaccompanied child immigrants 

BuzzFeed: U.S. To Open Another Shelter For Immigrant Children, This Time In Tucson

Huffington Post: Deportation Separated Thousands Of U.S.-Born Children From Parents In 2013

The Hill: Scalise election could mean slim chance for immigration

Politico: Joe Biden sets immigration meeting

Huffington Post: Nancy Pelosi Gives Rare Praise To President George W. Bush

Reuters: California clamps down on federal immigration detention requests

Arizona Republic (Arizona): Church prepared to offer illegal migrant ‘sanctuary’

Los Angeles Times (California): Orange County to stop honoring immigration detainer requests 

KTBC Austin (Texas): Immigration advocates plan rally at City Hall

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): Boehner Stands Up

New York Times (Opinion): Immigration Reform Is DeadThe Hill (Opinion): We can’t politicize the lives of children

Huffington Post (Blog): Remembering What Is in the Best Interest of the Child 

San Jose Mercury News (California – Editorial): Mercury News editorial: Kevin McCarthy’s political pragmatism holds promise

AL.com (Alabama – Opinion): J. Pepper Bryars: Why immigration reform has lost my support