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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 24, 2014

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Arizona Republic: Politics of border security hamper immigration reform 

The Hill: Immigrant wave is new HHS crisis

National Journal: What Washington Is Doing About the Kids Who Have Become the Latest Flashpoint in the Immigration Debate

Politico: Jeh Johnson warns of dangers facing child immigrants

Reuters: Homeland Security chief warns parents on child immigration surge

The Hill: DHS issues open letter to parents of child immigrants

Arizona Republic: Media in Central America to migrants: Don’t go to U.S.

Associated Press: US releases immigrant families, won’t say how many

Associated Press: Thousands Of Illegal Immigrant Children Will Be Able To Attend Public Schools

Associated Press: Texas politicians tour base with immigrant kids 

Vox: The concerted effort to label this a “refugee crisis” 

KPCC: Can Kevin McCarthy make a difference on immigration reform?

The Hill: Zuckerberg group: ‘Pressure is on’ for immigration reform 

New York  Times: Tom Tancredo’s Bid for Colorado Governor Puts His Party on Alert

Politico: Primary day: The 6 big questions 

Washington Post: National political parties spar over O’Malley’s record in Md. on issues affecting immigrants

National Journal: Can North Carolina’s Latinos Help Democrats Hold the Senate?

Great Falls Tribune (Montana): Court strikes down Montana immigration law

Boston Globe (Massachusetts): Lawmakers reject driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

Arizona Daily Star (Arizona): Brewer urges media to press feds on immigration

KVUE (Texas): Latest poll shows Texas voters tough on immigration

Texas Tribune (Texas): Wendy Davis Calls for Special Session on Border Surge

Houston Chronicle (Texas): Perry’s office mocks Davis’ stand on border security

Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico): In their parents’ footsteps 

Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: GOP’s problems on immigration aren’t going away

Washington Post (Plum Line): Care about minors crossing border? Then pass immigration reform now!

Los Angeles Times (Opinion): Op-Ed: Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Here’s how to deal with the desperate children at the border

New York Times (Opinion): Reform Conservatism and Immigration

The Hill (Opinion): (More) political gridlock and the (growing) immigration crisis

Fox News Latino (Opinion): Opinion: 100,000-Plus Kids — Blame Obama, Bush, or Who?

Fox News Latino (Opinion): Rick Sanchez: The Amnesty Excuse

Miami Herald (Opinion): Fantasy-speak on immigration

Huffington Post (Blog): Immigrant Families Are Not Poker Chips

OnFaith (Opinion): The Wellbeing of a Child Is a Sacred Trust

McClatchy-Tribune News Service (Opinion): Why farmers see fertile ground on immigration reform

San Francisco Chronicle (California – Opinion): Republicans won’t pass immigration reform

Dallas Morning News (Texas – Opinion): Upfront hearings a must to stem tide of border-crossing children