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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 13, 2014

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National Journal: How a New Class of Activists Is Changing Immigration Politics
By Fawn Johnson

Think Progress: Can Immigration Reform Pass In The Vacuum Left By Eric Cantor?
By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee

KPCC: In immigration news: Post-Cantor loss, alleged Border Patrol abuse, driver’s licenses
By Josie Huang

Associated Press: Immigration a Political Quandary for Republicans
By Nicholas Riccardi

Politico: Polls on left and right agree: Eric Cantor didn’t lose on immigration
By Jessica Meyers

Politico: John Boehner: Eric Cantor doesn’t change immigration
By Seung Min Kim

MSNBC: The GOP’s nightmare scenario on immigration becomes reality
By Benjy Sarlin

Politico: Behind Eric Cantor’s campaign meltdown
By James Hohmann and Jake Sherman

FiveThirtyEight: Immigration Does Matter in GOP Primaries, But It’s Not Clear Why
By Harry Enten

New York Magazine: Conservatives Don’t Hate the Immigration Deal. They Hate All Deals.
By Jonathan Chait

National Journal: What Eric Cantor’s Defeat Means for Hillary Clinton
By Ronald Brownstein

National Journal: Eric Cantor’s Untended Fences
By Charlie Cook

Roll Call: Steve King Blasts Snap Election to Replace Eric Cantor
By Steven Dennis

PRI: Eric Cantor’s historic defeat in Virginia hardly fazes an immigration activist
By Jason Margolis

Washington Times: Rand Paul throws weight behind immigration reform effort
By Ralph Z. Hallow

TIME: Rand Paul Plays Both Sides of Immigration Debate
By Zeke J. Miller

Washington Post: Immigrant parents urge U.S. officials to help their children flee Central American violence
By Pamela Constable

NBC News: Border Children Crisis Complicated By Parents Here Illegally
By Suzanne Gamboa

Reuters: U.S. cautions Central American parents against sending children alone to border
By Alex Dobuzinskis

Los Angeles Times: U.S. in talks with Central American officials about immigrant children
By Cindy Carcamo and Rebecca Bratek

Associated Press: DHS secretary details aid for immigration children, says parents shouldn’t send kids to border
By Alicia A. Caldwell

Arizona Republic: Jeh Johnson: No legal status for new migrant children
By Mariana Dale

New York Times: Officials to Investigate Reports of Mistreatment of Minors Caught Crossing Border
By Julia Preston

The Hill: Child immigrants ‘priorities for removal’
By Benjamin Goad

NBC News: Two New Polls Show Continued U.S. Support for Immigration Reform
By Suzanne Gamboa

Associated Press: GOP presidential contenders on immigration

EFE: Veterans join those demanding immigration reform

Sacramento Bee (California): Eric Cantor was big contributor to Calif. lawmakers, candidates

New York Times (Opinion): With Eric Cantor’s Loss, Is Immigration Reform Dead?
By Lawrence Downes

Washington Post (Plum Line): The real divide in the GOP over immigration
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Right Turn): Why immigration reform isn’t dead
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Volokh Conspiracy): Consistent free market advocates should oppose immigration restrictions
By Ilya Somin

Washington Post (Innovations Blog): Cantor’s loss won’t kill immigration reform; It was already dead.
By Vivek Wadhwa

Washington Post (Opinion): Harold Meyerson: Eric Cantor’s loss is likely to widen the immigration debate
By Harold Meyerson

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Immigration Reform Didn’t Die With Cantor Loss
By Lanhee Chen

Mother Jones: Immigration Reform Is Dead, and That’s Still a Big Problem for the Republican Party
By Kevin Drum

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Immigration reform proponents see no need to give up
By Steve Benen

The Hill (Opinion): If Obama must delay deportation review, relief for unauthorized immigrants should be bold and broad
By Daniel Costa

Forbes (Opinion): America’s Immigration Problems Won’t Solve Themselves
By Stuart Anderson

Fox News (Opinion): Immigration crisis: Don’t treat children ‘dumped’ in Arizona like inmates
By T. Douglas Stump

Fox News (Opinion): Bill O’Reilly: Is there a Tea Party resurgence over immigration?
By Bill O’Reilly

Daily Caller (Opinion): Immigration Reform Is Still Key To Progress In STEM Fields
By Stuart Anderson

Columbus Dispatch (Syndicated Opinion): George F. Will commentary: Cantor’s defeat is trouble for immigration reform
By George F. Will

Huffington Post (Blog): Cantor’s Defeat Could Put Immigration Reform in Obama’s Court
By Elena Shore

Huffington Post (Blog): On Immigration, the Tea Party Remains an Important Outlier
By Daniel Cox

Boston Globe (Massachusetts – Editorial): Immigration reform wasn’t the reason for Cantor’s defeat

Denver Post (Colorado – Opinion): Immigration reform can work
By Stephen G. Nawrocki