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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 12, 2014

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New York Times: Cantor’s Lesson: Hedging on Immigration Is Perilous
By Ashley Parker

Vox: Is immigration reform dead? That’s up to John Boehner.
By Dara Lind

Reuters: Immigration Reform Activists Pressure Obama After Cantor Loss

The Hill: Reformers fear death of immigration bill
By Mike Lillis

USA Today: Cantor loss squashes hope for immigration bill
By Alan Gomez

Roll Call: Immigration Overhaul Prospects Dim in Wake of Cantor’s Defeat
By Emma Dumain

Agence-France Presse: Virginia Political Quake May Doom Barack Obama Immigration Hopes

Washington Examiner (Opinion): Pro-immigration left furiously spins Cantor’s defeat
By Sean Higgins

Talk Radio News Service: Immigration Supporters Shrug Off Cantor Loss, Point To Graham Win

Latin Times: Eric Cantor Was ‘No Friend’ Of Immigration Reform, Say Advocates
By David Iaconangelo

VOXXI: Eric Cantor to step down: What it means for immigration reform?
By Griselda Nevarez

Arizona Republic: Immigration reform died with Cantor’s defeat, analysts say
By Dan Nowicki and Erin Kelly

Reno Gazette-Journal: Amodei: Cantor loss won’t stop immigration reform
By Erin Kelly

Times-Picayune: GOP Senate candidate Rob Maness calls Bill Cassidy a ‘Cantor clone’ on amnesty
By Bruce Alpert

South Coast Today: Role of immigration overstated in Cantor primary loss
By Simon Rios

Fox News Latino: Senate Approves $2B To Address Child Migration Crisis; 2nd Bill Would Beef Up Border Patrol
By Elizabeth Llorente

The Atlantic: Six Theories for Eric Cantor’s Loss
By David A. Graham

Washington Post (The Fix): Make no mistake: Immigration reform hurt Eric Cantor
By Aaron Blake

Roll Call: How and Why Eric Cantor Lost
By Nathan L. Gonzales

MSNBC (Morning Joe): Was Cantor too removed from his district? (VIDEO)

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton says Brat ‘ran against immigrants’
By Philip Rucker

Daily Herald (Illinois): What does Cantor’s loss mean for Roskam?
By Mike Riopell

Huffington Post: Eric Cantor Steps Down As House Majority Leader

Atlantic: Why Eric Cantor Lost and Lindsey Graham Won
By Molly Ball

Daily Caller: Immigration Reform — And The Dangers of Right-Wing Populism
By Matt K. Lewis

Real Clear Politics: What Cantor’s Loss and Graham’s Win Mean
By Sean Trende

Huffington Post: Poll Raises Questions About Immigration Factor In Eric Cantor Defeat
By Michael McAuliff

Wall Street Journal: After Cantor Loss, Immigration Overhaul Shifts to Back Burner
By Laura Meckler

New York Times (The Upshot): Immigration: What Americans Think
By Megan Thee-Brenan

New York Times: After Primary Upset, G.O.P. Fears Infighting Will Take a Toll
By Jonathan Martin

Politico: Giddy Dems’ new strategy: Watch the GOP implode
By Edward-Isaac Dovere and Carrie Budoff Brown

Politico: Cantor’s loss scrambles 2016 immigration picture
By David Nather and Seung Min Kim

The Hill: Long-shot candidates take hope
By Alexandra Jaffe

The Hill: Cantor defeat sets back tech’s immigration plans
By Julian Hattem

The Hill: Cantor loss inflames immigration debate at spending panel
By Erik Wasson

The Hill: Clinton: Brat ran against immigrants
By Mario Trujillo

The Hill: Brat: I won because of immigration
By Rebecca Shabad

The Hill: Schumer: Cantor was obstacle on reform
By Alexander Bolton

National Journal: People Who Want Immigration Reform Say: Forget Eric Cantor, Just Look at Lindsey Graham
By Elahe Izadi

The Hill: GOP pollsters: Ignore Cantor, look to Graham on immigration
By Cameron Joseph

National Journal: GOP Pollsters Defend Pro-Immigration Stance for Republicans
By Fawn Johnson

Roll Call: GOP Immigration Push Forced to Reconcile With Eric Cantor Loss
By Kyle Trygstad

CNN: Down but not done: Cantor’s loss not end for immigration reform
By Halimah Abdullah

Washington Times: Eric Cantor’s Va. primary loss a call for action, Xavier Becerra says
By Jacqueline Klimas

BuzzFeed: In Wake Of Cantor’s Defeat, Rand Paul Says He’s Still For Immigration Reform
By McKay Coppins

CNN: Rand Paul on immigration: GOP trapped in word ‘amnesty’
By Ashley Killough

Courier-Journal: Rand Paul says there may be way forward on immigration
By James R. Carroll

USA Today: White House still hopeful on immigration post-Cantor
By David Jackson

Washington Post: Democrats try to salvage strategy on immigration reform after Cantor’s defeat
By David Nakamura

Politico: Democrats huddle on immigration push
By Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kim

Chicago Sun-Times: Rep. Gutierrez says Cantor’s loss does not mean immigration reform impossible
By Lynn Sweet

Wall Street Journal: Evangelicals: GOP Tumult Doesn’t Doom Immigration Push
By Reid J. Epstein

Wall Street Journal: Obama Rejects Suggestions Immigration Is Off After Cantor Defeat
By Laura Meckler

Roll Call: Obama Will Talk to Boehner on Immigration; Rejects ‘Conventional Wisdom’ on Cantor Defeat
By Steven Dennis

Roll Call: Senate Democrats Hope Immigration Bill Is Still Possible, Despite Cantor Loss
By Humberto Sanchez

New York Times: Policy Will Change on Young Migrants
By Julia Preston

Associated Press (Colorado): Colorado Senate candidates clash over immigration
By Nicholas Riccardi

Associated Press (South Carolina): Graham: Let’s Fix Immigration Before It ‘Leads To Another 9/11-Type Attack’

WKZO (Michigan): Immigration Reform protesters from Michigan arrested at the U.S. Capitol
By John McNeill

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): Primary Voters for Immigration

Bloomberg View (Editorial): How Republicans Lost Eric Cantor

La Opinión (Editorial): Cantor and Immigration

Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: Eric Cantor doomed by fake efforts to soften GOP’s image
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Plum Line): Pete King: GOP risks becoming a ‘permanent minority’
By Greg Sargent

The Hill (Congress Blog): Detroit ICE director Adducci missed the Morton memo
By David Leopold

Huffington Post (Blog): Why Cantor Defeat Means GOP Should Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now
By Robert Creamer

US News & World Report (Opinion): Cantor Aftershocks Will Be Felt in Colorado
By Laura Chapin

Washington Post (Right Turn): After Cantor’s loss, where does immigration reform stand?
By Jennifer Rubin

Politico Magazine (Opinion): For Cantor, No Amnesty on Immigration
By Rich Lowry

TIME (Opinion): With Cantor Gone, Immigration Reform Is All On John Boehner Now
By Jim Wallis

The Hill (Opinion): Brat’s immigration stance doesn’t square with his free-market flair
By Alex Nowrasteh

Arizona Republic (Arizona – Editorial): Immigration wasn’t Eric Cantor’s only pitfall

Sacramento Bee (California – Editorial): Editorial: Don’t let Cantor’s defeat stop immigration reform

Chicago Sun-Times (Illinois – Editorial): Immigration Reform Must Be Pushed Despite Cantor’s Loss