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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, July 7, 2014

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National Journal: Obama’s Immigration Independence Day

Associated Press: Obama under pressure to visit US-Mexico border

Voice of America: Washington Stirs Anew on Immigration Reform

Washington Post: DHS chief Jeh Johson takes cool approach to hot-button issue of immigration

Wall Street Journal: Jeh Johnson Noncommittal on Child Migrants

Politico: Johnson: Border ‘not open’ to undocumented immigrants

Reuters: U.S. needs ‘to do right’ for immigrant children: official

CNN: Homeland Security chief: ‘We’re going to stem this tide’ of illegal immigration

Fox News: DHS Secretary Johnson gives no clear answers on whether illegal immigrant children will be deported

Los Angeles Times: Deportation data won’t dispel rumors drawing migrant minors to U.S.

MSNBC: GOP Rep. on immigration crisis: “I know it sounds harsh…”

Roll Call: Goodlatte: Border Crisis ‘Disaster of President Obama’s Own Making’

Roll Call: GOP Says Border Crisis is Obama’s Fault; Democrats Blame Violence, Poverty

Politico: Labrador: ‘Deport’ undocumented immigrants

The Hill: Cornyn: ‘Undeniable’ that Obama’s actions cause child migration

The Hill: Gosar: Deport child immigrants

The Hill: Graham: Send young immigrants home

The Hill: Immigrants in surge ‘not dangerous individuals,’ Border Patrol chief says

Associated Press: Immigration Rallies Wait For Buses Of Immigrants In Murrieta

Washington Post: California town chagrined to be flash point on immigration issues

Los Angeles Times: Murrieta immigrant protests: Mayor defends his town’s actions

Politico: Mayor Alan Long: Murrieta, California is ‘compassionate’ town

NBC News: In Some Towns, Immigrants Met With Aid Instead of Anger

New York Times: Obama, at Naturalization Ceremony, Calls for Immigration Overhaul

Politico: Obama: I’m ‘doing everything I can’

Wall Street Journal: Obama Vows to Act, Border Protest Goes On

Washington Post: Obama calls for immigration reform at Independence Day citizenship ceremony

USA Today: Obama welcomes new citizens, pushes immigration bill

The Hill: WH: Perry challenge ‘hard to take seriously’

Washington Examiner: Rick Perry: Obama administration ‘either are inept or don’t care’ about border crisis

Huffington Post: Rick Perry Won’t Back Away From Obama Border Conspiracy Theory

The Hill: Immigration discussion front and center Sunday

The Hill: Reid: House GOP immigration inaction costs US jobs

The Hill: Durbin ‘fed up’ with House Republicans

NPR: More Municipalities Deny Federal Requests, Won’t Detain Immigrants

CNN: Border-state Democrat: Obama “one step behind” on immigration

Arizona Republic (Arizona): Salmon wants immigrant children quickly returned home

Northwest Herald (Illinois): Farmers call for immigration reform amid workforce woes

CBS 8 (California): Border event promotes peace amid immigration crisis

New York Times (Editorial): Mr. Obama, Go Big on Immigration

Creators Syndicate (Opinion): For Children, Hate Is Bilingual

The Hill (Opinion): USA means immigrants and immigration reform

TIME (Opinion): Immigration Reform Has Some Dry Bones

New York Times (Letter to the Editor): A Child’s Risky Journey

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): In Praise of Huddled Masses (Cont’d)

The Hill (Opinion): Immigration reform is alive, but not in Congress

Bloomberg Businessweek (Opinion): Why Immigration Reform Only Looks Dead

Post and Courier (South Carolina – Editorial): Break the immigration impasse