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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, July 29, 2014

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Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: Hillary sharpens up stance on border crisis

Associated Press: Obama Mulls Large-Scale Move On Immigration

New American: Obama Plans “Significant” Action for Illegal Immigrants

Politico: Barack Obama immigration moves could raise legal questions

Associated Press: Analysis: Clinton impeachment shadows GOP lawsuit

Politico: Politicking off impeachment chatter

Politico: Glenn Beck: Obama ‘wants’ impeachment

Washington Post: With four days to go until recess, can Congress get it all done?

Politico: White House backs Senate Democrats’ plan on border

Wall Street Journal: Sen. Reid Open to Separating Wildfire and Israel From Border Bill

Politico: GOP cuts cost — and timeline — on border bill

The Hill: House GOP scales back border bill in scramble for conservative support

National Journal: Dissenting Vote on Border Funds Sought in House

Arizona Republic: Senators: Gang of 8 bill not an option in border crisis

The Hill: Sessions: Border bill should ban more executive orders

CNN: Border crisis front and center in important Senate race

Associated Press: California Gov. Jerry Brown Will Meet With Mexican President To Talk Immigration

Associated Press: Jerry Brown continues immigration talks

Wall Street Journal: Migrant Cases’ Fast Track Stirs Alarm

Los Angeles Times: Criticism arises after children are rushed to see immigration judges

ABC News: How Failure to Reform Immigration Affects a Young Girl – Again

Washington Post: Thousands of miles from the border, Syracuse finds itself in immigration debate

Politico: Undocumented immigrants call for White House boycott

Huffington Post: Why Some Immigration Activists Want To Stop Meeting With Obama

The Hill: First Latina Senate chief of staff banks on Hispanic turnout to oust Valadao

KUSA (Colorado): Coffman calls for immigrant detention centers outside US

Arizona Republic (Arizona): Thomas: All issues tied to immigration

Associated Press (Maine): Immigration Stirs Debate In Maine Governor’s Race

Associated Press (Maryland): Gov. O’Malley To Talk Immigration With Faith Leaders

Baltimore Sun (Maryland): Faith leaders call for foster families for immigrants

KELO (South Dakota): Guatemalan Family Reunites After 14 Years

Washington Post (Editorial): Gov. O’Malley is all talk, no action, on immigrant children

Washington Post (Opinion): Gov. O’Malley’s irresponsible message to Central American minors

Washington Post (Opinion): Republicans are absent on immigration reform

Washington Post (Right Turn): Obama’s ‘impeachment’ canard

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): A Better Immigration Role for the National Guard

USA Today (Opinion): Boehner: We’re defending the Constitution

The Hill (Opinion): Finding a humanitarian solution to our border crisis

The Hill (Opinion): John Feehery: Republican Rubik’s Cube

VOXXI (Opinion): A letter from an undocumented mother

Fiscal Times (Opinion): The Immigration Problem We’re Not Talking About

Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio – Opinion): Attracting immigrants will help us all