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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, July 25, 2014

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TIME: Obama Eyes Major Immigration Move

Politico: Barack Obama’s immigration rhetoric: Then and now

Tampa Bay Times: Sen. Marco Rubio wants to ‘wind down’ program for immigrant youth

Wall Street Journal: Where Child Migrant Surge Could Hit Home

Wall Street Journal: GOP Governors Knock Obama on Illegal-Immigrant Influx

MSNBC: John Boehner’s ultimatum: Change 2008 law or else

The Hill: House Republicans fear backlash from punting border bill to the fall

Politico: Path to child migrant compromise?

Politico: Moderates balking at Senate border bill

Politico: Johnson pleads for border surge funding

The Hill: Clinton backs changing border trafficking law

The Hill: Clyburn open to changing border law

The Hill: GOP lawmaker equates Putin’s role in crash to Obama’s at border

Roll Call: Texas GOP Delegation to Obama: Enforce Immigration Law

Politico: Texas GOP pols sign border letter

The Hill: Texas GOP to Obama: Stop border crisis

Politico: Inhofe: Obama invited border kids

CNN: CNN Poll: Border crisis impacting public opinion on immigration

Washington Post: Public shifts toward prioritizing deportation, poll shows

Fox News: Fox News poll: Border crisis divides voters

Vox: Inside the remote, secretive detention center for migrant families

The Hill: Groups cite ‘horrific’ conditions at immigrant detention center

NPR: Amid Wave Of Child Immigrants, Reports Of Abuse By Border Patrol

CNN: Obama weighs sending National Guard to border

National Journal: What Would the National Guard Actually Do at the Border?

New York Times: National Guard in Texas Could Get Arrest Power 

Associated Press: U.S. Weighs Refugee Status For Honduran Youth Displaced By Armed Conflict

New York Times: U.S. Considering Refugee Status for Hondurans

Washington Post: Honduran president: U.S. ‘has enormous responsibility’ for immigration crisis

Wall Street Journal: Proposal Would Alter Process for Migrating 

Breitbart: Marco Rubio Calls for End to Obama’s Executive Amnesty for Minor Illegals

Politico: Marco Rubio: End immigration deferral program 

Politico: Jeb Bush on border: Send the kids home

Washington Post: Jeb Bush: Don’t use border crisis to defer immigration reform

USA Today: Jeb Bush to GOP: Don’t use border crisis to ignore immigration

TIME: Immigration: Images from the Border and Beyond

MSNBC: Federal immigration crackdown begins to fall apart

National Journal: These Tea Partiers Aren’t Anti-Immigration. They Just Want to Close the Border.

Fortune: The dark, disturbing world of the visa-for-sale program

Reuters (California): California attorney general asks lawyers to help immigrant children

USA Today (Editorial): Mend border immigration law: Our view

USA Today (Opinion): Sen. Menendez: Don’t repeal law that protects kids

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Boehner wants Obama to act ‘on his own’ on border crisis

Washington Post (Plum Line): Dems to GOP: Sorry, no easy way out on immigration

Washington Post (Right Turn): A new definition of ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform

Politico Magazine (Opinion): Central America’s Apology Tour

The Hill (Congress Blog): Border crisis exposes GOP nativism, Dem indifference

Courier-Journal (Kentucky – Opinion): Kentucky’s vested interest in immigration reform

Star-Telegram (Texas – Opinion): Perry and Granger have different target audiences for their immigration plans

Pittsburgh Magazine (Pennsylvania – Opinion): Pittsburgh’s Refugee Children Could Use a Good Neighbor

New Haven Speaks (Connecticut – Opinion): Young and Yearning to Breathe Free by Sebi Medina-Tayac