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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, July 23, 2014

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Bloomberg View (Opinion): Obama Alone Will Decide the Immigration Debate

MSNBC: Many deported ‘recent border crossers’ aren’t recent — or near the border

Dallas Morning News (Texas): Border bill fits Rep. Henry Cuellar’s history of bipartisanship

Burnt Orange Report (Texas): Anti-Immigrant Protesters Express ‘Compassion’ For Refugee Children By Demanding Their Deportation

Wall Street Journal: Study: Unaccompanied Minors Under Age 12 Illegally Entering U.S. Rises 117%

National Journal: The Border Surge: Is It a ‘Crisis’ or Not?

Associated Press: Despite Crush of Children, Illegal Immigration Low

Reuters: Immigration Judge Warns Against Swamped U.S. Courts: ‘We Are Reaching A Point Of Implosion’

Wall Street Journal: Cities Offer Shelter to Migrant Minors

Wall Street Journal: White House Tries to Ease Governors’ Worries on Child Migrants

Politico: Evangelicals address migrant crisis

PBS Newshour: Recess looming, lawmakers appear stuck on Obama’s immigration funding request

New York Times: Plan for Young Migrants at Impasse in Congress

Roll Call: 4 Big Reasons Obama’s Border Funds Request Is in Trouble

Politico: Senate Dems to trim Obama border request by $1B

Wall Street Journal: Senate Democrats Ready $2.7 Billion Border Plan

National Journal: Senate Dems Set to Slash Obama’s Border-Crisis Request

National Journal: Both Parties Looking to Pare Down Obama’s Border Funding

CQ Roll Call: Senate Border Supplemental to Include Iron Dome Funding

Roll Call: Mikulski Set to Unveil Emergency Spending for Immigration Crisis (Video)

The Hill: Homeland Security chief: Don’t delay border funding

Roll Call: Johnson: Ignoring Border Crisis is Not an Option for Congress (Updated) (Video)

Huffington Post: John Boehner: Obama, Democrats ‘Jeopardizing Our Ability’ To Resolve Border Crisis

Roll Call: Boehner Puts Onus on Democrats for Tenuous Status of Border Funding Bill

Roll Call: The Border Supplemental and ‘the Height of Irresponsibility’

Politico: Mitch McConnell mum on Ted Cruz immigration push

NPR: Rubio: U.S. Cannot Admit All Children Seeking Asylum

Huffington Post: Jorge Ramos’s Powerful Defense Of Immigrant Children In Border Crisis

ABC News: Will National Guard Help Stop Immigrant Influx in Texas?

The Hill: Dems push back against deploying National Guard to border

NPR: On Immigration, America’s Concerns Are Fiery But Fleeting

Washington Post: Lives in limbo: A guide to who’s waiting for immigration reform

National Journal: Working the Drive-Thru Window for 12 Years Without Papers

Wall Street Journal: Chris Christie Calls Obama Immigration Policy ‘Awful’

BuzzFeed: Republican Congressman: Obama “Not Raised With An American Experience”

Minneapolis Star-Tribune (Minnesota): Immigration debate comes to Minnesota in force

Des Moines Register (Iowa): 139 immigrant children placed in Iowa

Reuters (California): San Diego-area community expected to reject illegal immigrant shelter

KFBK (California): Young Immigration Activists Plan Fast to Bring Attention to Migrant Children

Sun Sentinel (Florida): Palm Beach County sheriff agrees to curtail immigration jailings

Oregonian (Oregon): Immigration activists hold rally to ‘welcome’ children to Portland

La Opinión (Editorial): Perry’s farce

Washington Post (Blog): All of America walks into a bar. Explaining the case for immigration reform

The Hill (Opinion): Morris: Perry in Obama’s face

The Hill (Opinion): Moulitsas: A refugee crisis

Los Angeles Times (Opinion): Op-Ed: Rich countries, barred doors: Why aren’t the U.S. and Europe more welcoming?

The Week (Opinion): Immigration, charity, and conservatives’ unholy assault on Glenn Beck

CNN Money (Opinion): My company’s immigration nightmare stopped me from hiring 15 new workers

Think Progress (Blog): Demonizing Migrant Children Proves An Epic Fail For Anti-Immigrant Groups

Staten Island Advance (New York – Editorial): U.S. must not ignore the immigration crisis (editorial)

Dallas Morning News (Texas – Opinion): Bordering on madness

Colorado Independent (Colorado – Opinion): Littwin: Ted Cruz’s humanitarian crisis