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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, July 2, 2014

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Salon: Opinion: GOP created a nativist monster: How radical wingnuts seized the party
By Heather Digby Parton

The Associated Press: Obama Faces Advocate Demands on Immigration
By Jim Kuhnhenn and Erica Werner

The Hill: Immigration advocates to Obama: Go big
By Mike Lillis

Politico: Luis Gutierrez: Obama can ‘heal’ undocumented
By Kendall Breitman

The Hill: White House: No regrets on waiting for GOP
By Justin Sink

The Economist: This time he’s really mad

CNN: 5 things Obama can and can’t do on immigration
By Halimah Abdullah

Chicago Sun-Times: Poll: Few support Obama bypassing Congress
By Chad Medra

Newsweek: Obama Must Woo Latinos With Immigration Reform or Democrats Will Lose in 2014
By Taylor Wofford

Wall Street Journal: Industries Switch Focus to Piecemeal Approach to Immigration
By Laura Meckler and Kristina Peterson

NBC News: Why Immigration Reform Died in Congress
By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Carrie Dann

Vox: Immigration reform died because it’s become a normal political issue
By Matthew Yglesias

New York Times: Deadlock in Congress Appears to Worsen as Midterms Loom
By Carl Huse

The Associated Press: Death of boy near Texas border draws attention to dangers of child immigration
By Sonia Perez D. and Chris Sherman

NPR: Influx Of Children Creates New Strain On Beleaguered Immigration Courts
By John Burnett

Mother Jones: 4 Reasons Why Border Agents Shouldn’t Get to Decide Whether Child Migrants Can Stay in the US
By Ian Gordon

USA Today: Voices: Turning our backs on immigrant children
By Alan Gomez

Reuters: Kerry warns U.S. will deport undocumented Central American children
By Patricia Zengerle

The Hill: Idaho senators demand Obama enforce immigration laws
By Ramsey Cox

CBS (California): First Wave Of Detained Immigrants Arrive In Murrieta From Texas

CNN: Protesters block buses carrying undocumented immigrants in California
By Holly Yan

Los Angeles Times: Murrieta protesters turn back Border Patrol detainees
By Matt Hansen and Kate Linthicum

The Associated Press (Oklahoma): Oklahoma Officials Call For Immigration Reform

WCCO CBS 4 (Minnesota): Plans To Relocate U.S. Immigration Office In Twin Cities Halted

The Associated Press (Texas_: Border security back in front of Texas lawmakers

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): The Immigration Reform Collapse

Washington Post (The Fix): Three sentences on immigration that will haunt Republicans in 2016
By Chris Cillizza

Washington Post (The Fix): Immigration reform is super popular. Here’s why Congress isn’t listening.
By Scott Clement

New York Magazine (Daily Intelligencer): Boehner Decides Helping Hillary Win Is Better Than Passing Immigration Reform
By Jonathan Chait

Forbes: Immigration Reform: Congress Won’t Vote? A Changing Electorate Will
By Javier Palomarez

Washington Post (Plum Line): Obama sticks his thumb in Republicans’ eyes on immigration
By Paul Waldman

Slate: Lack of Trust in Obama Didn’t Kill Immigration Reform
By John Dickerson

Fox News Latino: Opinion: President Obama’s Immigration Wait And See Looks To Maximize Political Impact
By Matthew Kolken

Reuters (The Great Debate): Why children — from Central American migrants, to my son — deserve better immigration policies
By Ana Christina DaSilva Iddings

Huffington Post (Blog): Politically Suicidal Consequences of Republican Immigration Reform Kill
By Fernando Espuelas

Des Moines Register (Iowa—Editorial): President can’t unilaterally fix immigration