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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, July 17, 2014

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New York Times: Border Crisis Casts Shadow Over Obama’s Immigration Plan

National Journal: Why Won’t Obama Call These Kids Refugees?

Yahoo News: Rumors swirl around migrant kids, fueling local backlash

Vox: Almost half of Americans want to deport migrant kids

Wall Street Journal: Public Support for Path to Legal Status for Illegal Immigrants Slips

Associated Press: White House Faces Broad Resistance On Border Bill

Washington Post: More Democrats oppose weakening legal protections of kids crossing the border

National Journal: Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Hispanics Oppose Faster Child Deportations in Border Crisis

New York Times: Pelosi, in Reversal, Says She Opposes Speeding Child Deportations

Roll Call: House Democratic Women Calling for ‘Clean’ Border Funding Bill

The Hill: Dem: Policy changes not needed for crisis

Politico: Ron Barber backs Cornyn-Cuellar plan

Politico: Henry Cuellar bill not on table at Obama, Hispanic Caucus meeting

Roll Call: Obama to Hispanic Caucus: Migrants Will Get Due Process

The Hill: Obama mum on trafficking law change at meeting with Hispanic Democrats

The Hill: Boehner and Reid face tough task of rounding up votes on border

CBS News: Congress nears an impasse on immigration crisis

Politico: Hill divisions deepen on border crisis

Politico: Cruz’s next fight: Immigration

The Hill: Rubio: No border crisis if I were president

Politico: Rush for migrant aid highlights Obama’s delays

National Journal: There’s No Explanation for the Central American Trafficking Law ‘Loophole’

Wall Street Journal: Children Fare Better in U.S. Immigrant Courts if They Have an Attorney

Washington Post: Honduran child migrants leave home because of poverty and violence

Washington Post: Children trying to sneak into the U.S. aren’t always alone

New York Times: Towns Fight to Avoid Taking In Migrant Minors

Fox News Latino: Ku Klux Klan Using Current Immigration Crisis As Recruiting Tool In South Carolina

Associated Press: 1 in 6 call immigration top problem in the US, on par with economy, government dissatisfaction

Washington Post: The public’s concerns over immigration just skyrocketed

CNN: Poll: Immigration tops list of most important issues

The Hill: Poll: 1 in 6 say immigration is nation’s top problem

National Journal: Americans Really Worry About Immigration When They Pay Attention to It

TIME: White House Leak Hits Democratic Governor After Immigration Comments

Washington Post: O’Malley , Obama aides spar over unaccompanied immigrant children

CNN: In interview with CNN, O’Malley defends call with White House on immigrant kids

Baltimore Sun: O’Malley defends position on immigrant children and Carroll site

The Nation: Martin O’Malley’s Right: The Immigration Debate Must Respect ‘Essential Human Dignity’

BuzzFeed: Martin O’Malley Gets Aggressive

CNN: Jose Antonio Vargas: My Detention Wasn’t a Stunt

The Hill: GOP lawmaker: Immigration reform can pass under Obama

National Journal: Immigration Isn’t A Slam-Dunk Issue for Democrats Anymore

USA Today: Fact check: Legal immigration down, not up

National Journal: The Surprising South Carolina Evangelicals Who Support Immigration

National Journal: South Carolina Republican Says Hispanic Immigrants Are Lost Cause For GOP

Associated Press (Arizona): Arizona protesters mistake busload of YMCA campers for immigrant children

Washington Post (Plum Line): Republicans may get one more chance to kill immigration reform

Washington Post (The Fix): Comprehensive immigration reform is dead. The border crisis should prevent its reincarnation.

New York Times (Opinion): Tears for the Border Children

U.S. News & World Report (Opinion): Playing the Immigration Blame Game

The Hill (Congress Blog): Will the president do what he can on immigration?

The Hill (Congress Blog): DC open secret: Immigration’s good for economy

Washington Post (Opinion): U.S. should have tried nation-building in Central America, not Iraq and Afghanistan

National Journal (Opinion): Future U.S. Military Readiness Depends on Immigration Reform

Arizona Republic (Arizona – Editorial): ‘Sheriff Showboat’ Babeu has disgraced the office

Dallas Morning News (Texas – Editorial): Editorial: Thwarting the migrant smugglers

Herald-Review (Illinois – Editorial): The real failure of immigration reform

Deseret News (Utah – Editorial): In our opinion: Children immigrants entering U.S. may end up as refugees — and Utah should be ready to help

Houston Chronicle (Texas – Opinion): Which immigration problem do we care about?