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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, February 9, 2015

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Miami Herald (Florida): Wasserman Schultz: Rubio now against immigration reform
By Amy Sherman

The Baltimore Sun (Maryland): Immigration reprieve would apply to 55,000 in Maryland
By Joseph Tanfani

The Arizona Republic (Arizona): No comprehensive immigration reform until 2017?
By Dan Nowicki

Washington Post: Cruz looking at 2016 ‘very seriously’
By Katie Zezima

Bloomberg: Whatever Happened to Ted Cruz, Maestro of the Senate?
By Heidi Przybyla

Wall Street Journal: Cruz Says Fate of Homeland Security in GOP Leadership’s Hands
By Damien Paletta

National Journal: Homeland Funding Path Murky as Recess—and a Shutdown—Loom
By Fawn Johnson

Politico: Jeh Johnson urges Congress to fully fund DHS
By Jonathan Topaz

AP: FACT CHECK: What Are Risks if Homeland Security Shuts Down?

Washington Post: Jeh Johnson to Congress: Stop tying immigration fight to DHS funding
By Michelle Ye Hee Lee

Pew Research Center: 50 years later, Americans give thumbs-up to immigration law that changed the nation
By Andrew Kohut

Buzzfeed: Democrats Scramble To Hire Latinos After Colorado Midterm Loss
By Adrian Carrasquillo

The Hill (Opinion):Labrador spoiling for fight on immigration
By Juan Williams

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): Can the GOP change?

Washington Monthly (Opinion): Another Latino Debacle?
By Ed Kilgore

USA Today (Op-Ed): Keep politics out of homeland security
By Sen. Mikulski and Sen. Shaheen

The Hill: The politics of panic
By Saket Soni

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Collins’ Homeland Security ‘compromise’ is going nowhere fast
By Steve Benen

The Economist (Editorial): Let the states decide

National Review (Opinion): Is Jeb Bush Too Enthusiastic About Immigration?
By Jim Geraghty

Boston Globe (Editorial- Massachusetts): GOP should focus on fixing immigration, not compromising security

The Arizona Republic (Editorial- Arizona): Forget the border fence: We need more judges