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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, February 24, 2015

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Huffington Post (Op-Ed): DAPA Eligible Immigrants Will Not Be Deported and 3 Other Things You Need to Know About the GOP Immigration Lawsuit
By David Leopold

Huffington Post: Mitch McConnell Unveils Plan B Against Obama Immigration Actions
By Elise Foley

Wall Street Journal: GOP Plans Bill to Separate Obama Immigration Plan From Homeland Security Funding
By Kristina Peterson

National Journal: Mitch McConnell Looks to Trap Democrats With a Standalone Immigration Bill
By Lauren Fox and Sarah Mimms

Politico: In N.H., Marco Rubio slams Democrats on DHS bill
By James Hohmann

AP: Voter challenges Rubio’s immigration stance during town hall

Time: Republican Presidential Hopefuls Stay Out of Senate Fight on Immigration
By Alex Rogers

National Journal: While Rubio Holds His Fire, Cruz and Paul Attack on the Next Immigration Front
By Sarah Mimms

National Review: Walker Settles on Immigration Message
By Eliana Johnson

Reuters: U.S. Asks Judge to Lift His Block on Obama’s Immigration Actions

AP: Justice Department asks judge to lift hold on Obama immigration action

NPR: Justice Department Appeals Ruling Blocking Obama’s Immigration Plan
By Jackie Northam

Wall Street Journal: White House Asks Court to Allow Immigration Plan to Proceed
By Nathan Koppel

Bloomberg: U.S. Asks Texas Judge to Put Immigration Ruling on Hold
By Joe Schneider

Washington Post: Obama administration appeals ruling on immigration orders
By Katie Zezima

Politico: Feds act to lift hold on Obama immigration moves
By Josh Gerstein

National Journal: Democrats Say a Short-Term DHS Bill Would Be Terrible. They May Vote for It Anyway.
By Alex Brown

Washington Post: What to expect if Homeland Security shuts down next week
By Josh Hicks

AP: GOP Struggles for Way Out as Homeland Shutdown Looms

Washington Post: Republicans split on DHS funding, edging closer to partial agency shutdown
By Paul Kane and Sean Sullivan

Wall Street Journal: Immigration Showdown Threatens Homeland Security Funding
By Andrew Grossman

New York Times: Funding Fight Poses Dangers For the G.O.P.
By Carl Hulse and Ashley Parker

Bloomberg: Homeland Security Shutdown Nears Amid Immigration Impasse
By Heidi Przybyla

The Hill: Reid, McConnell point fingers ahead of vote
By Jordain Carney

The Hill: McCaul: GOP must make ‘tough choices’ this week on DHS funding
By Rebecca Shabad

NPR: For TSA Officers, Congress’ Inaction On Funding Could Hit Home
By Ailsa Chang

New York Times: Concerns Mount as Homeland Security Shutdown Looks Likely
By Ashley Parker

MSNBC: Homeland Security facing GOP shutdown threat
By Steve Benen

Buzzfeed: Internal DNC Document Shows 2014 Latino Turnout Was Worst Of Last Three Cycles
By Adrian Carasquillo

Washington Post (Editorial): On Homeland Security funding, Republicans govern without logic

Washington Post (PostPartisan Blog): ‘Scary’ move by Republicans on DHS funding
By Jonathan Capehart

Bloomberg View (Opinion):Senate Math Confuses House Republicans
By Francis Wilkinson

Washington Post (Federal Eye Blog): Why Congress doesn’t need to shut down Homeland Security this week
By Josh Hicks

The Hill: Dem: Obama ‘overstepped’ on immigration
By Rebecca Shabad

The Hill (Op-Ed): Moving forward to fix our broken immigration system
By President Obama