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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, February 13, 2015

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Bloomberg: Cruz Falls In Line Ahead of Another Shutdown Showdown
By Heidi Przybyla

Bloomberg: What Ted Cruz Won’t Do to Crush Obama’s Immigration Policy
By Dave Weigel 

The Hill: House conservatives push McConnell to gut filibuster
By Cristina Marcos

National Journal: House Republicans Call on McConnell to Change Senate Rules to Block Obama’s Immigration Move
By Lauren Fox

AP: Boehner can’t rule out Homeland Security Department shutdown

Wall Street Journal: Boehner Gives No Assurances on Avoiding Homeland Security Shutdown
By Siobhan Hughes

National Journal: John Boehner Is Not Budging on His DHS Funding Plan
By Marina Koren

Politico: Senate frozen amid DHS fight
By Burgess Everett

Associated Press: Frustrated Republicans taste limits of majority control

Roll Call: Senate GOP Pamphlet Touts Continued Fight on DHS Spending
By Niels Lesniewski

Washington Post: McConnell, after his no-shutdowns pledge, quickly finds himself boxed in
By Paul Kane

The Hill: GOP infighting grows over Homeland Security funding
By Cristina Marcos and Rebecca Shabad

The Hill: GOP profanity, ‘math challenges’ color showdown on immigration
By Scott Wong and Rebecca Shabad

Roll Call: Pelosi: Short-Term DHS Funding Bill ‘Not a Solution’
By Emma Dumain

Huffington Post: GOP Could Risk Alienating Latinos With DHS Fight
By Elise Foley

National Journal: House Republicans’ Silent War Over Immigration Funding
By Daniel Newhauser

Washington Times: Nancy Pelosi: Democrats are fighting for Obama, not illegal immigrants
By S.A. Miller and Stephen Dinan

Huffington Post: Lawsuit Against Obama Over Immigration Could Change Dynamic On DHS Fight
By Elise Foley

NBC News: Poll: Americans Put Lower Priority on Ending Obama’s Immigration Actions
By Suzanne Gamboa 

The Atlantic: Even Republicans Love Obama’s Immigration Policies
By Robert P. Jones

Huffington Post: Some States Stay Silent On Lawsuit Over Obama’s Immigration Actions
By Elise Foley, Jesse Rifkin, and Maxwell Tani

Los Angeles Times: Homeland Security chief implores immigrants to ‘step forward’
By Kate Linthicum

Roll Call: Immigration Protests in Capitol Offices Strain Police
By Hannah Hess and Bridget Bowman

New York Times (Colorado): Colorado: Senate Rejects Funding Plan for Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants
By Julie Turkewitz

Catholic News Service (Arizona): Arizona bishop: US needs immigration reform, not more enforcement
By Carol Zimmermann

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio): Ohio’s Jon Husted tells Congress that Obama’s immigration order raises voter-fraud risk
By Tina Nazerian

Los Angeles Times (California): California budget could face new strain from Obama immigration action
By Chris Megerian

USA Today (Editorial): In immigration fight, GOP can blame itself: Our view

Washington Post (Opinion): The Insiders: Why is immigration so hard for Republicans to get?
By Ed Rogers

Washington Post (Opinion): Boehner needs to follow his own advice on DHS funding
By Jonathan Capehart

The Atlantic: (Opinion) How Republicans Made Their Own Security-Funding Mess
By Russell Berman

New Republic (Opinion) There’s Another Shutdown Fight in Washington. Republicans Will Lose This One, Too.
By Danny Vinik

Slate (Opinion): House and Senate Republicans Blame Each Other for Screwing Up GOP Legislative Greatness
By Elliot Hannon

Washington Post (Plum Line): The GOP mess on Homeland Security funding is only going to get crazier
By Greg Sargent

Chicago Sun-Times (Illinois – Opinion): Rahm’s record shaky on immigration reform
By Marlen Garcia

Boston Globe (Massachusetts – Opinion): Baker’s shortsighted choice on tech and immigration
By Marcela Garcia