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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, February 10, 2015

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Los Angeles Times (California): Obama faces high stakes in rollout of controversial immigration program
By Joseph Tanfani 

Latin Post: Ted Cruz on Immigration: Senator Not Blocking DHS Funding Bill; Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Working for Top 1 Percent
By Michael Oleaga

Politico: Bush calls his ‘bilingual, bicultural’ background a campaign asset
By Marc Caputo

MSNBC: The Rand Paul Debate Society
By Benjy Sarlin

Bloomberg: New Hampshire Poll: Jeb Bush Grabs Narrow Lead
By Michael Bender and Laura Leher

Politico: At stake in immigration battle: billions of dollars
By David Rogers

Politico: Senate GOP low on Homeland Security options
By Seung Min Kim 

Washington Post: D.C., other cities debate whether legal immigrants should have voting rights
By Pamela Constable

Al Jazeera America: Pope Francis will have some US legislators ‘squirming in their seats’
By Sarah Posner

Niskane Center: Examining The Uac-Daca Link: New Data Show Child Migrant Crisis Began Before DACA
By Dave Bier

Vice News: A New Hotline Is Available for Undocumented Immigrants to Complain About Customs and Border Protection

New York Times: The Shame of America’s Family Detention Camps
By Wil S. Hylton

KUNC Radio (Colorado): Without Immigration Fix, Colorado Dairies Struggle To Find Workers
By Luke Runyon

KJZZ (Arizona): Despite Legal Challenge, Advocates Gear Up To Help More Apply For DACA
By Jude Joffe-Block

Washington Post (The Fix): Republicans seem to have missed some lessons of the 2013 shutdown
By Phillip Bump

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Immigration Breakdown [VIDEO]
By Joe Rago