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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 5, 2014

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MSNBC: House GOP approves measure blocking deportation relief

NPR: House Passes Symbolic Vote Cancelling Obama’s Immigration Action

NBC News: Latino Dem: GOP Immigration Vote Not Symbolic; ‘It’s Personal’

Washington Post: House Republicans repudiate Obama’s immigration actions

The Hill: WH: Bill to roll back immigration order unfair

CNN: Immigration anger fuels House vote

USA Today: Obama threatens veto of House immigration bill

Politico: House sends Obama message with immigration vote

Reuters: U.S. conservatives stand firm against funding for immigration order

Bloomberg: Republicans Protest Obama Immigration Order in Symbolic Vote

NBC News: Poll: Americans Divided Over Executive Action, But Back Its Goals

Time:Hispanic Voters Think Opposing Immigration is Disqualifier, Poll Says

New York Times: On War and Immigration, Obama Faces Tests of Authority From Congress

Reuters: Exclusive: Republicans prepare 2015 immigration legislation

NBC News: Chris Rock Slams Hollywood, Says L.A. Is Mexican ‘Slave State’

Time: Obama Responds to Republican Push Back on Immigration Reform

Huffington Post: Luis Gutierrez: It’s ‘Fantasy’ To Think U.S. Can Or Should Deport 11 Million People

Reuters: Speaker Boehner says House will have ‘leverage’ on Obama and immigration

Washington Post: White House, Democrats teaming up on ‘Immigration Strike Team’

Bloomberg: Pelosi `Not Giving Up Hope’ on Immigration Overhaul (VIDEO)

Washington Post (The Fix): How immigration reform is winning, even while it’s still losing

Washington Examiner (Opinion): On immigration, a toxic distrust between conservatives and GOP leaders

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): An Immigration Game Plan for the New Congress

Bloomberg  (Opinion): How Eric Garner Can Help John Boehner

Washington Post (Plum Line): GOP leaders betting that conservative rage will sputter out

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Ground Air Force One? GOP Proposals to Stop Obama on Immigration

Washington Post (Right Turn Blog): Saner heads prevailing in GOP on immigration order

Washington Post (Editorial): President Obama’s unilateral action on immigration has no precedent

Miami Herald (Florida-Op-Ed): In welcoming new Americans, Miami businesses walk the walk