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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 4, 2014

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New York Times: The Genial Face of a Bitter Fight Against Overhauling Immigration

Politico: Conservatives scoff at Boehner deal

Wall Street Journal: Cruz Joins House Conservatives on Defunding Immigration Policy

Huffington Post: Ted Cruz, Steve King: Funding Obama’s Immigration Actions Betrays Constituents And Values

National Journal: Ted Cruz Pushes the House to Have All-Out Spending Fight on Obama Immigration Action.

Bloomberg: Boehner Lets Members Vent on Immigration to Avert Shutdown

The Hill: Cruz urges GOP to ‘stand up’ to Obama on immigration orders

New York Times: House on Brink of Deal to Avoid Government Shutdown

Politico: Ted Cruz pushes spending bill that defunds immigration action

The Hill: Cruz to House GOP: Defund Obama’s actions

Talking Points Memo: Boehner Faces Dissent Over Strategy To Punt Immigration Shutdown Fight

Politico: Immigration nominee hits GOP opposition

National Journal: Obama’s Pick to Head Immigration Agency Caught in Executive-Order Crossfire

CQ: Obama’s Immigration Enforcement Nominee Falls Out of Favor

Politico: 17 states sue to block Obama immigration order

New York Times: Executive Action on Immigration Prompts Texas to Sue

Reuters: States sue Obama administration on immigration: Texas attorney general

Wall Street Journal: Seventeen States Sue Obama Over Immigration Action

Bloomberg: Obama Immigration Orders Challenged by U.S. States

NBC News: Texas Leads 17 States Suing Obama Administration Over Immigration Action

NBC News: Obama: ‘Temperatures Need to Cool’ Before Immigration Reform

New York Times: Obama Hopes for Cooler Heads on Immigration

The Hill: White House: Bill to roll back immigration order ‘unfair’

The Hill: CBO can’t determine impact of GOP bill on immigration

Mothers Jones: Tea Partiers Ignore Michele Bachmann’s Call for Rally Against “Amnesty”

NBC News: Law Profs: Legal To Include More Immigrant Parents In Exec Action

MSNBC: GOP tweaks anti-‘amnesty’ bill as experts warn of problems

Wall Street Journal: Leading House Republican Promises Border Security Bill

Huffington Post: Dreamers Divided: Obama’s Executive Actions Leave Some Young Immigrants Out

Talking Points Memo: The GOP’s War On Obama’s Executive Action Lasted About 5 Minutes

Washington Post: You’re in. Your neighbors are out. Life as an immigrant after Obama’s executive action.

National Journal: Ted Cruz’s Secret Weapon in 2016: Steve King

Washington Post (DC/Virginia/Maryland):After executive action, two-thirds of Salvadorans in U.S. could have legal status

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): Taking Obama’s Immigration Bait

New York Times (Editorial): The Next Tax Fight

Washington Post: Republicans prolong their immigration agony

Washington Post (The Fix): Meet the new Republican problem. Same as the old Republican problem.

Roll Call (Opinion): Waking Up to the U.S. Role in Central America’s Crisis | Commentary