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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 3, 2014

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Reuters: ‘Hard-liner’ Rep. Steve King becomes GOP’s voice on immigration

Bloomberg: Obama Immigration Plan Unlawful Power Grab, Republicans Say

NBC News: ‘Simple Common Sense’: Jeh Johnson Defends Executive Action on Immigration

Washington Post: Jeh Johnson defends Obama immigration action to House Republicans

Politico: Jeh Johnson clashes with Hill GOP on immigration

CNN: House Republicans grill homeland security chief on immigration action

Washington Post: GOP readies Obama immigration response: No shutdown, but a nod to conservatives

New York Times: House Republicans Ready Plan to Avoid a Government Shutdown

The Hill: McConnell: ‘Bust up’ immigration bill

Politico: Brothers Castro: No immigration reform until 2016

Wall Street Journal: Budget Plan Pitched to House Republicans

Washington Post: Republican strategy to counter Obama immigration moves emerging

NBC News: House GOP Floats Plan to Slam Immigration Action, Keep Government Funded

AP: House plans to vote down Obama immigration

New York Times: House G.O.P. May Cast Symbolic Vote on Immigration

Politico: Republicans ready to vote

The Hill: Boehner plots two-step course on immigration to GOP rank-and-file

Bloomberg:Lawmakers Discuss Rejecting Immigration Plan Without a Shutdown

National Journal: What Congress’s Immigration Response Will Mean for the Senate’s 2016 Contenders

New Republic: A Government Shutdown Can’t Stop Obama’s Immigration Plan—and John Boehner Knows It

The Atlantic: The GOP’s Wait-Til-Next-Year Immigration Battle Plan

Fox News: Court ruling challenges Obama immigration action

AP (Texas): Texas Expected To Sue Obama Administration Over Executive Actions On Immigration

Huffington Post (Opinion): Republican Outrage Over Immigration Executive Order Is Misplaced

New York Times (Editorial): On Immigration, a Huge Job Ahead

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): Yes, Delay on Passing Immigration Reform Does Cost Us $37 Million Per Day

The Hill (Opinion): Do polls see backlash over order?

Washington Post (Opinion): Obama has already won the immigration fight

Roll Call (Op-Ed): Immigration Is About People. That’s an Opportunity for Republicans

Washington Post (Plum Line): Jeb Bush again challenges Republicans on immigration

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Immigrants are key to a thriving America