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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 15, 2014

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Ironton Tribune: DeWine adding Ohio to immigration lawsuit causing mixed reaction

Bloomberg: Senate’s Spending Votes Seen as Litmus Tests for 2016 Candidates

Huffington Post: Senate Republicans Object To Spending Bill Over Immigration

National Journal: The Omnibus Is Done. Ted Cruz’s Feud With GOP Leaders Rages On.

Politico: Senate closes trillion-dollar deal

NBC News: Spending Showdown’s Odd Factions Might Give Taste of Things to Come

Bloomberg: Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Kill President Obama’s Immigration Order

The Hill: Rand Paul introduces bill to undo Obama’s immigration order

New Republic: GOP Congressman Destroys Ted Cruz’s Argument Against the Government Funding Bill

Roll Call: Senate Rejects Cruz Point of Order on Obama’s Immigration Action

The Hill: Senate rebukes Cruz’s claims of unconstitutional immigration order

New York Times: Undocumented Immigrants Line Up for Door Opened by Obama

AP: Immigrants flock to workshops after Obama reprieve

CBS News: The major bills Congress will leave unfinished this year

USA Today: Fact check: No back taxes in immigration action

Washington Post: Why hotels support citizenship for immigrants

The Hill: Gutiérrez: Immigration program hard to ‘unravel’ if enough people sign up

Roll Call: Obama’s Immigration Actions Land at Supreme Court

Forbes: Will Immigrants Get A Tax Windfall From Refundable Credits?

Los Angeles  (California): Immigrants get advice on eligibility for delayed-deportation programs

New York Times (New York): Preparing for Immigration Reform, and Warning of Potential Fraud

New York Times (Upshot): Obama’s Immigration Move Benefits Democrats Where It Counts

Boston Globe (Op-Ed-Massachusetts): Five GOP immigration myths

Boston Globe (Op-Ed-Massachusetts): Immigrants should be wary of who they seek for help on eligibility