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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, December 11, 2014

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The Hill: Top lobbying victories of ‘14

Huffington Post: After Leaving Immigration Out Of Funding Fight, Republicans Vow To Block It Next Year

Roll Call: GOP to Bring Up Bill Blocking Obama Immigration Action — Next Year

The Hill: GOP chairman wants to move immigration reform early next year 

The Hill: Government shutdown would not stop Obama on immigration

Politico: Judge sets hearing on blocking Obama immigration orders

Latin Post: High Disapproval for Immigration Executive Action, Economy and Foreign Policy Management

Washington Post: A single mistake made over a decade ago can get you deported – even after Obama’s action

The Hill: Poll: Slim majority of US-born Hispanics back Obama action

Roll Call: White House Thinks GOP Will Blink on Immigration Action

Fusion: Don’t call me deporter-in-chief: Obama defends his immigration legacy

Bloomberg: How the White House’s Immigration Order Survived the ‘Cromnibus’

Wall Street Journal: Univision Anchor to Obama: ‘You Destroyed Many Families’

Fusion: Obama talks torture, immigration, and more with Jorge Ramos

Washington Post: Rick Perry, hungry for redemption, says he’s a ‘substantially different’ candidate

Las Vegas Sun (Nevada): Why Nevada has become a leader in immigration reform

New York Times (Taking Note Blog): Executive Action (and Reaction) on Immigration

The Hill (Pundits Blog): A key precedent for executive action on immigration that everyone has missed

Washington Post (The Fix): Obama’s immigration executive action is less popular with Hispanics than you think

The Hill (Op-Ed): Executive action essential for current and future immigration reform

Washington Post (The Fix): Watch President Obama get a little testy over his immigration record