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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, August 8, 2014

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CNN: How far can Obama go on executive actions?

Associated Press: Flow Of Child Immigrants Slows Along Texas Border

Washington Post: Number of unaccompanied children crossing Texas border dropped sharply in July, Obama administration says

Politico: Influx of migrant children slows

Washington Post: The Obama administration is no longer seeking temporary shelters for undocumented kids

Associated Press: RNC to Approve Post-2012 Goals, Not Immigration

Washington Post: Border crisis exposes dilemma for Republicans as it energizes conservatives

New York Times: Wooing Hispanic Voters at Home, Republicans Turn to Latin America

Washington Post: Why Lamar Alexander’s vote for immigration reform didn’t sink him

Reuters: Americans Deeply Worried Illegal Immigration Is Threatening U.S. Way Of Life, Economy

Christian Science Monitor: How one city is welcoming hundreds of migrant children with open arms

U.S. News & World Report: Obama Turns Up the Heat on Immigration

The Hill: Low marks for Obama on immigration

The Hill: Pryor name-checks McCain in immigration advertisement

Politico: Candidate video mocks Rand Paul dash

Wall Street Journal: An Experiment Shows Bias Against Strangers on a Train

Washington Post (Maryland): O’Malley talks up minimum wage hike, downplays dispute over immigration

Associated Press (South Carolina): SC capital city welcomes children from border

Arizona Republic (Arizona): Immigration activist ‘ambush’ of Rep. King goes viral

Washington Post (The Fix): Hispanics are upset with Obama on immigration. It means less than you think.

New York Times (The Upshot): The Political Risks of an Obama Executive Action on Immigration

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): A Looming Racial Challenge for Republicans

Politico Magazine (Opinion): Do Your Job, Mr. President

National Journal (Opinion): The Case Against Obama’s Nuclear Option

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Scott Brown’s latest stumble is on immigration

The Hill (Opinion): A.B. Stoddard: An impotent president

New Yorker (Opinion): Ted Cruz’s Canny Strategy

Huffington Post (Blog): Border Problem, Beltway Crisis

Arizona Republic (Arizona – Opinion): Immigration politics about to go nuclear