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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, August 6, 2014

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New York Times: Homeland Security Chief Steps Confidently Into Immigration Debate

Washington Post: ‘Dreamers’ confront Rep. Steve Kind at fundraiser (VIDEO)

The Hill: ‘Dreamers’ confront Steve King; Paul exits

CNN: Undocumented immigrant confronts Rep. Steve King at fundraiser

Talking Points Memo: Rep. Steve King Grabs Latino Woman’s Wrist: ‘You’re Very Good At English’ (VIDEO)

Huffington Post: Steve King Has Heated Confrontation With Dreamers

New York Magazine: Rand Paul Flees in Terror From Mexican Immigrant

New Republic: Watch Rand Paul Run for His Life Before Steve King Insults an Immigrant in Iowa

Washington Post: How do Republicans usually react when confronted by DREAMers?

Washington Post: On Iowa tour, Rand Paul leans into a presidential run and attacks Clinton

Christian Science Monitor: Rand Paul escapes trap set by immigration activists. But what about 2016?

Sioux City Journal (Iowa): Steve King derides immigration “ambush” in Okoboji, Iowa

The Hill: WH eyes limits of immigration powers

Roll Call: Sessions Warns Obama’s Immigration Plans ‘Unlawful’ (Video)

Real Clear Politics: Gingrich: Obama Executive Order on Immigration Will Create “Civil War In His Own Party” (VIDEO)

New York Times: As U.S. Speeds the Path to Deportation, Distress Fills New Family Detention Centers

Wall Street Journal: Half of Americans Want to Send Child Migrants Home — WSJ/NBC Poll

National Journal: The Administration Is Shifting $405M to Deal With the Border Crisis. Is It Enough?

National Journal: How Jeff Sessions Became a Leader in the Immigration Fight

National Journal: Rand Paul’s Evasion Strategy Isn’t Working

Wall Street Journal: Rand Paul Revives Immigration Attack Against Rick Perry

Roll Call: Freshman Democrat Invites Speaker to Southwest Border

The Hill: GOP bill would build double-layered fence along southern border

Roll Call: Tea Party Rhetoric Strikes Some as Muy Shady

Huffington Post: Another Congressman Suggests Migrant Children May Have Ebola

BuzzFeed: Government Declares Undocumented Immigrant Child, Mother A ‘National Security Threat’

BuzzFeed: Mo Brooks Says DREAMers Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Military Because They’re Not Loyal And Will Have Access To Nukes

Gongwer News Service (Ohio): Proposed Legislation Blocking Municipalities, Agencies From Housing Illegal Immigrants Includes Stiff Financial Consequences

Associated Press (Arizona): License policy won’t be blocked during appeal

Arizona Republic (Arizona): McCain says Arizona can’t afford GOP candidates’ border plans (VIDEO)

WWLP (Massachusetts): Massachusetts no longer an option for immigrant children

News & Observer (North Carolina): McCrory wants more details on immigrant children

Washington Post (Editorial): Frustration over stalled immigration action doesn’t mean Obama can act unilaterally

Washington Post (The Fix): Republicans have little reason to act on immigration — both today, but also before the 2016 primaries

Washington Post (The Fix): Obama might allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay. It would be a huge gamble.

New York Times (The Upshot): How to Talk About America’s Newest Arrivals

New York Times (Opinion): A Modest Proposal

Vox: Why the president becomes more powerful when Congress fails

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Republican, Heal Thyself

National Journal (Opinion): You’re Wrong, Congressman: I’m Not Waging a War on Whites

Fox News Latino (Opinion): Opinion: Why Isn’t President Obama Protecting Refugee Children With A Stroke Of His Pen?

The Hill (Opinion): Budowsky: Obama: Call Congress back

The Hill (Opinion): Dick Morris: Immigration is key issue

USA Today (Opinion): Voices: GOP won’t face immigration backlash in November

Los Angeles Times (Opinion): Column: What is being an American? Immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas has some ideas

Los Angeles Times (Opinion): Op-Ed: A U.S. immigration solution: Fix Central America

National Journal (Opinion): Border Crisis Prompting New Xenophobic Drumbeat for an Old Disgrace—Detention Camps

Crain’s Chicago Business (Illinois – Opinion): Border-control bill may come back to haunt Illinois GOP

Star Ledger (New Jersey – Opinion): Talk of impeachment on immigration is over the border (Mulshine)