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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, August 22, 2014

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Orlando Sentinel (Florida – Opinion): Yes: America shouldn’t be stuck with broken system: Front Burner

Arizona Republic: Obama action on immigration could affect midterms

The Nation: Immigrant Rights Groups Push Obama for Bolder Executive Action

Politico: Billionaires silent after big splash

Vox: Mitch McConnell unveils devious plan to elect Hillary Clinton president

Huffington Post: Rand Paul Supports Legislation To End Deportation Relief For Dreamers

Talking Points Memo: Tom Tancredo: Impeach Obama If He Grants Executive ‘Amnesty’

Talking Points Memo: Rick Perry: ISIS Terrorists May Be Sneaking Into The U.S. From Mexico

New York Times: Perry Says Terrorists Could Be Entering the U.S. From Mexico

McClatchy: Inside conservative fold, Perry talks of indictment, immigration

New York Times: With Waves of Migrants, a Sea of Legal Problems

Los Angeles Times: Nearly 300 women, children deported from immigration detention centers

WAMU: Deported From U.S., Honduran Immigrants Return To Death And Terror

Durango Herald (Colorado): Immigration reform pushed by Dems

Pueblo Chieftain (Colorado): Tipton questioned on immigration, Obamacare

Citizen-Times (North Carolina): Tillis says Hagan failed on immigration

Tucson Weekly (Arizona): Judgment Day

Los Angeles Times (California): Gov. Brown urges $3 million in legal aid for immigrant children

Washington Post (Plum Line): Another outbreak of House GOP chaos?

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Perry sees ‘very real possibility’ of ISIS crossing southern border

Virginian-Pilot (Virginia – Editorial): Immigration battle shows Washington’s incompetence