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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, August 13, 2014

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Huffington Post: Democrats Lay Groundwork For Obama To Take Big Steps On Immigration

Fusion: Pelosi wants Obama to go big on deportation relief

NBC News: Ripple Effect: Obama Immigration Action Would Have Local Impact

The Hill: Ex-Bush attorney general backs executive action on immigration

New York Times: On Immigration, House G.O.P. Starts to Embrace an Emboldened Tea Party

Associated Press: Koch Brothers Reach Out To Hispanics

Politico: Immigration status may cost people Obamacare coverage

Huffington Post: Obamacare At Risk For 310,000 Who Must Provide Proof Of Citizenship, Immigration Status

Washington Post: Administration warns some could lose health-care coverage on federal exchange

NPR: Migrants Jam LA Courtroom For Deportation Hearing

The Hill: Dem rep demands legal aid for immigrant children

The Hill: Dem Rep. Cuellar seeks meeting with Obama on border crisis

Politico: Top issue: Government tops immigration

VOXXI: Why are Latinos so divided on immigration?

Washington Blade: As LGBT rights advance, House takes aim at immigrants

Associated Press (Arizona): Tucson Police Chief: ‘I Am Duty Bound To Enforce’ Immigration Law

Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada): Nevada ranks high on child immigration program

WeAreIowa.com (Iowa): Immigration, A Hot Topic at Rep. Steve King’s Town Hall

New York Times (Editorial): Britain’s Flawed Immigration Strategy

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Obama Needs Naysayers

New Republic (Opinion): The Liberal Fear of Obama’s Executive Action Is Irrational

The Hill (Congress Blog): Obama well within his authority on deportations

USA Today (Opinion): Alberto Gonzales: Obama’s time for immigration action

Washington Post (Wonkblog): 95% of Republican House districts are majority-white

The Hill (Opinion): Native Americans key to border security success

Huffington Post (Blog): A Parent’s Courage

Huffington Post (Blog): Newly Released Recordings Capture Abuse in Immigration Detention