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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, August 12, 2014

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Talking Points Memo: Poll: Majority Says Don’t Deport Children, Contra Obama And GOP

Reuters: Most Americans Believe Migrant Children Should Be Allowed To Remain In U.S., Poll Shows

The Hill: Poll results at odds with Obama on deportations

BuzzFeed: What It Actually Means For Obama To ‘Go Big’ On Deportation Relief

NPR: Two Ways President Obama Could Act On Immigration

Associated Press: From reunion to reality: Honduran family navigates new life after a decade of separation

CNN: Republicans ignoring their own advice on immigration

Associated Press: Koch brothers reach out to Hispanics

Wall Street Journal: Clogged Immigration Courts Slow Hearings

BuzzFeed: The Technology The Government Uses For Immigration Hearings Doesn’t Work Right

TIME: Influx of Child Immigrants Strains Courts in Louisiana

Associated Press (Alaska): Even In Alaska, Immigration Takes Center Stage At Senate GOP Primary Debate

Concord Monitor (New Hampshire): Brown campaign out with new ad on immigration

Washington Post (The Fix): Sue Obama? The American people say no.

Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: Republicans running away from House GOP

Washington Post (Post Politics): The 2014 election is about everything. And nothing.

New York Times (The Upshot): It’s Not Too Late for Republicans to Win Latino Votes

Fox News Latino (Opinion): Opinion: Rand Paul Is Out Of Step With Latinos On Immigration, Civil Rights

New York Magazine (Blog): Obama’s Immigration Plan Should Scare Liberals, Too

Roll Call (Opinion): Compassion Needed in Addressing Nation’s Immigration Woes | Commentary

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Lament of a Legal Alien

Huffington Post (Blog): Gardner’s Sweet Talk on Immigration Not Found on his Website

Huffington Post (Blog): The Immigration Crisis: Just Another Byproduct of the Drug War