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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, August 11, 2014

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Denver Post (Colorado): Immigration issue could tip scales in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race

Talking Points Memo: Did SCOTUS Already Greenlight Obama’s Executive Action On Immigration?

Fox News: Obama poised to extend record of executive action during congressional recess

The Hill: White House: Falling illegal immigration might be the hot weather

NPR: Trauma Plagues Many Immigrant Kids In U.S. Illegally

NPR: A Top Immigration Judge Calls For Shift On ‘Fast-Tracking’

The Hill: Immigrant advocates, judges warn against fast-tracking border screenings

Politico: GOP, DOJ duel on migrants’ legal aid

FiveThirtyEight: Why American Opinion Is Split On The Child Migrant Crisis

Associated Press: Analysis: Gains from GOP immigration push unclear

Wall Street Journal: GOP Ads Go On Attack Over Border

Washington Post: Unlike previous midterm election years, no dominant theme has emerged for 2014

Sacramento Bee (California): Border cases jump to the head of the line in San Francisco immigration court

Tampa Bay Times (Florida): Miami, Orlando immigration courts fast track juvenile deportation proceeding

Bloomberg View (Editorial): Texas Is Borderline Crazy

New York Times (Editorial): Mr. Obama, Your Move

Washington Post (Opinion): Five myths about the border crisis

Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: As GOP lurches right on immigration, sane Republicans watch in horror

Politico Magazine (Opinion): Rand Paul Can Run, But He Can’t Hide From Latino Voters in 2016

New York Times (Opinion): Case for Suing Obama Is Weak

The Hill (Opinion): Obama may be playing into Republicans’ hands by claiming unilateral authority to act on immigration crisis

The Hill (Opinion): Democrats on life support when it comes to Latino vote

New Republic (Opinion): The Immigration Argument That Almost Nobody Mentions

New Republic (Opinion): Why Did the Washington Post Flip Flop on Obama’s Immigration Policy?

Economist (Opinion): The threat to the rule of law

WNPR (Connecticut – Editorial): How To Botch Latino Outreach

Arizona Republic (Arizona – Opinion): On immigration, GOP voters want it all

Chicago Tribune (Illinois – Opinion): ‘War on whites’? No way

GoUpstate.com (South Carolina – Letter to the Editor): Sunday’s letters: Immigration reform failures