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Must-Read Articles and Posts On Immigration, February 7, 2012

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There’s been intense backlash against creating what Talking Point Memo’s Josh Marshall calls “second class non-citizenship status” — the idea from some House Republicans to prevent citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The consensus across the spectrum is that the path to citizenship is, in fact, the “middle ground.”

New York Times (editorial): Immigration and the Middle Ground

Washington Post (editorial): GOP’s immigration plan is no plan

Miami Herald column by Andres Oppenheimer: U.S. shouldn’t create underclass of immigrants

New York Times by Julia Preston: Group of Young Immigrants Seeks a Direct Path to Citizenship for All, Regardless of Age

NBC Latino by Sandra Lilley: Dreamers meet with Obama, Congress, and push for legalization for all

Politico By Lois Romano and Jonathan Allen: Flake: Rubio key on immigration

BuzzFeed By Rebecca Berg: Marco Rubio Will Be First To Respond To State Of The Union In Two Languages

US News and World Report by Lauren Fox: Issa Embraces Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

MSNBC By Luke Russert: Boehner: DREAM Act ‘worthy of consideration’

The Hill By Daniel Strauss: House Dem: ‘Middle ground’ on immigration would create subclass of citizens

Roll Call by Jonathan Strong: Democrats See Hopeful Signals From Republicans on Immigration

Politico By Donovan Slack: OFA wants personal stories for immigration push

Talking Points Memo by Josh Marshall: The New ‘Compromise’

DailyKos by Markos: Denying immigrants the American dream won’t win their votes

DailyKos by Elisa Batista: Will You Speak Up for Melanie and Inclusive Immigration Reform?

FireDogLake by Jon Walker: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Components of Immigration Reform