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Minutemen's Jim Gilchrist on Turning Away Border Children: "We're All Going to Die Someday"

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The Daily Show’s news correspondent Michael Che sat down with one of the mainstays of the anti-immigrant movement — Jim Gilchrist of the Minutemen — in a segment that aired last night.  As Gilchrist talked about the children at the border in terms of invasion and apocalypse, Che had to stop and check him: “These are children, right?”

As the interview went on, Gilchrist’s hostility to the migrant children became ever more clear.  “I don’t think they’re [from] war zones,” he said, disputing, you know, all the evidence there is.  “I think they’re lying.”

A recent Think Progress piece found that a number of children have been murdered after being deported from the US and forced to return to their home countries.  But that tragic reality doesn’t seem to be a problem for Gilchrist.  “We’re all going to die someday,” he said.  “We can’t help that.”