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Michigan Activists to Meet With Morton, Demand a Stop to ICE Abuses

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UPDATE: At the meeting, Morton committed to a case-by-case review of the incidents, as well as a systematic review of the pattern of ICE behavior, and deliver results of that assessment within 30 days.
Reiterating the community’s call for accountability, Congressman Conyers called for an investigation:
“These thorough investigations must look not only into individual instances of misconduct, but also into the alleged pattern of abuses, so that we may uncover any underlying problems at the ICE Detroit Field Office that are at the root of the problem.  Real consequences must follow any findings of misconduct.”

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office in Detroit is one of the worst run offices in the country.

Advocates, faith leaders, and other members of the community have documented countless instances of agents in the area terrorizing parents at elementary schools, bullying Latino citizens, and conducting warrantless searches of people’s homes.

The office is so out-of-control that back in 2010, agents strip-searched a woman in front of her son and threatened to “just shoot [her] in the head” when she protested.

But last week, AV’s online advocates helped turn the tide against these horrific abuses. Together, with activists on the ground, we sent thousands of messages to ICE officials in DC demanding that they hold local agents accountable for their actions. And it worked!

John Morton, the highest official at ICE, agreed to meet with community members today and discuss Detroit’s out of control agents.

Here’s what we’re asking him for:

  1. Pursuant to ICE’s own guidelines, “Field Guidance on Enforcement Actions or Investigative Activities At or Near Sensitive Locations,” we demand to know who authorized enforcement actions at schools, if anyone, and why.

  2. We demand that ICE respect their own policy, and end all enforcement activities near schools, churches, mosques, community centers and health clinics, and end warrant-less searches and raids of homes.

  3. We demand that the officers involved in Thursday’s incident at Hope Elementary School be identified and disciplined.

  4. We demand that officers involved in the warrant-less search of Rogelio Perez’s home be identified and disciplined.

  5. We demand that Detroit Field Office Director Rebecca Adducci submit a “Civil Rights Plan” to the community that specifically addresses how problems like this will be prevented from occurring in the future.

  6. We demand an internal investigation into recent ICE practices with accountability for those responsible, up to and including the discipline, transfer or removal of responsible parties.

Thanks to everyone who took action and helped make this possible.