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Why Miami-Dade’s Republican Mayor Sided With Trump Instead of Immigrant Families

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Connection Between Trump and Son of Miami-Dade Mayor May Explain Mayor’s Decision to Embrace Trump Immigration Policies

Miami-Dade’s Republican Mayor, Carlos Gimenez had every reason to defy Trump and protect immigrant families across the country he was elected to represent.

Instead, Mayor Gimenez has chosen to embarrass Miami-Dade at the national and state level in the hope of some extra access and recognition from the Trump Administration.

As it turns out, Mayor Gimenez’s son, Carlos Jr., has launched a consulting group focused on lobbying the Trump Administration. As reported by the Miami Herald:

“Having worked closely with the President-Elect over the last three years I can personally attest to his laser like focus on resolving issues in a direct and accountable manner,” Gimenez said in the release. “His election presents a great opportunity for the entire hemisphere, not just our country. My objective is for Hemispheric Consulting Group to be a bridge between North and South as part of that process.

“Latin America will see that the Trump presidency is an opportunity to redefine bilateral relations in a positive and compelling way,” he said.

Less that 24 hours after Donald Trump signed executive targeting cities that shielded immigrants from his Deportation Force, Republican Carlos Gimenez caved under no pressure and rolled back the protections his county previously offered to undocumented immigrants.

Perhaps Mayor Gimenez did not want to tarnish work his son had done for the Trump campaign in 2016, or perhaps Mayor Gimenez wanted what any Trump supporting politician wants – a congratulatory Tweet from Donald Trump himself.

Whatever the reason may be, Miami-Dade now stands alone in its repeal of immigrant protections despite Trump’s threat. As reported by Think Progress:

So far, only one sanctuary jurisdiction out of the nation’s 400 or so, Miami-Dade County, has caved to Trump’s defunding threat. Residents took to the streets to protest the decision, and they plan to pressure the county commission to restore sanctuary status in the weeks ahead.

In what can only be described as a profile in cowardice, Carlos Gimenez has joined the ranks of spineless politicians who won’t stand up to Trump – but not without lying to immigrant children about keeping their families safe, claiming that he was only trying to protect the county budget, and shamelessly locking out constituents out of his office for disagreeing with him.

Immigrants, advocates, and Miami-Dade residents have vowed to hold Republican Carlos Gimenez accountable for embracing Trump’s toxic immigration policies:

“It’s embarrassing in this city of immigrants, in a multicultural, diverse place like this that our mayor is not taking a strong stance,” said Tomás Kennedy, 25, a college student from Argentina who became a United States citizen after being undocumented for 17 years, and who joined the latest protest Tuesday. “He is an immigrant himself. He came here fleeing political persecution from Cuba. He knows firsthand what immigrants and refugees contribute to this county.’’

Mayor Gimenez may claim to not have voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election – but he is sure behaving like one of his biggest supporters.

We hope the deportation of hardworking immigrants was worth the Twitter Mention, Carlos.