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Meet The People Under Attack by the GOP

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Today House Republicans passed anti-immigrant legislation that would overturn last November’s executive actions, end the DACA program for DREAMers, and maximize deportations of undocumented immigrants settled in America.

These Republicans don’t seem to get that for millions of Americans this issue is not political, it is deeply personal. With this vote they are telling American citizen children that their parents should be deported, or telling a Dreamer that they have no claim on the country they grew up in, of telling a military family that while one spouse is on the front lines defending our nation, the other could be at the front of the line for deportation.

Last year, we partnered with our friends over at United We DREAM on a project we call OurHome.us. The project features stories of United We DREAM and America’s Voice members that have been impacted by DAPA and DACA.

These are just a few of the stories of real people under attack by the GOP.

Ana from CO

Ana, a US Citizen, lives in Colorado. The president’s immigration action is important to her because her stepfather and many of her friends are directly impacted.

Monica from IA

Monica is a DACAmented Dreamer who grew up in rural Iowa. She comes from a mixed status family. Her sister is also a Dreamer and her brother is a US citizen.

Monica’s member of Congress, Rep. Steve King, is one of the leading Republicans trying to end President Obama’s new immigration policy. But for Monica, the immigration debate is not about partisan politics but about families. Today she is fighting for her mother, who is one of the 17,000 Iowans who will likely benefit from the President’s new immigration policy.

Rachel from OH

Rachel Bwatwa is an undocumented woman from Tanzania. She lives in Columbus, Ohio and is married to Christopher Watson, a U.S. citizen. They have a 3 year old son, Caleb Josiah Watson.

For more information, visit http://OurHome.us.