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Meet Artist Ramiro Gomez, Who Has Made Immigrants The Stars Of His Artwork

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is among the city leaders across the nation pledging to protect undocumented immigrants from President Donald Trump.

“I’m proud that more than 1.5 million immigrant Angelenos have chosen to call L.A. home — making immeasurable contributions to our economy, and adding to a civic and cultural vitality that is the envy of the world,” Mayor Garcetti wrote in a recent email to his constituents. “And we will continue working hard to be an example of the love, unity, and inclusion that makes our country great.”

Included in the email is a video featuring Ramiro Gomez, a Latino artist who incorporates the spirit and greatness of our nation’s immigrants into his work.

“He shows mostly Latino gardeners tending perfect lawns, maids cleaning tiles in gleaming bathrooms and nannies gathered in the park,” according to NPR. His artwork shows “the lush, easy lifestyle of L.A., which is entirely undergirded by armies of domestic workers,” according to New Yorker magazine writer Lawrence Weschler.

It’s incredible artwork, and the video is a beautiful watch below.