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Lawyers Protest Arpaio, Former Lawyer for Sheriff Calls Him "Totalitarian"

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300 lawyers in suits protested Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, charging him and Sheriff Joe Arpaio with making a complete mockery of the justice system.  Headlining the protest weren’t left-leaning activist attorneys like the ones you might expect . They were self-described conservative Republicans, one of whom actually worked as a prosecutor for Arpaio — before she couldn’t take it anymore.

From the Arizona Republic:

Sheila Polk, a Republican and career prosecutor, spent six months working on two of the cases sought by Thomas and Arpaio in their ongoing battle against county officials and the courts. Her office handled the first criminal case against Supervisor Don Stapley and the investigation into the disputed Superior Court tower project. 

In her letter [an opinion piece published in the Arizona Republic], Polk wrote that although Maricopa County isn’t her jurisdiction, she can’t sit by and watch the abuses from a distance anymore:

I am conservative and passionately believe in limited government, not the totalitarianism that is spreading before my eyes…the actions of Arpaio and Thomas are a disservice to the hundreds of dedicated men and women who work in their offices and a threat to the entire criminal-justice system.