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Latino Rebels Compiled "The Dumbest Immigration Fear Ads of the 2014 Midterms"

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There were some ugly anti-immigrants ads during this campaign season. Latino Rebels compiled eight of the dumbest ads:

We take a moment to let everyone know that people spend real time and money to produce these political videos. You know, because… those “illegals.”

Some of the ads were produced by conservative PACS. Some were from campaigns. And, no surprise, NumbersUSA has one. Here’s one against NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen from the Ending Spending Action Fund. (you can see the others at Latino Rebels):

Background on Ending Spending, according to Open Secrets:

Ending Spending is a conservative 501(c)4 group that focuses on federal spending and the national debt. The group originally targeted earmarks, but broadened its message to include balancing the federal budget and paying down the national debt. The group was founded by Joe Ricketts, the former CEO of TD Ameritrade and a known conservative backer. Brian Baker, the current president of Ending Spending, was an adviser to former Sens. Robert Dole and Richard Shelby.

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