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Kris Kobach: Executive Action Will Lead to "Socialism," "Ethnic Cleansing"

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Quite a few Congressional Republicans are losing it over President Obama’s upcoming executive order on immigration — but the one who takes the cake may be Kris Kobach, Kansas’ Secretary of State and the party’s notorious architect of all things anti-immigrant.

Kobach has already cost Republicans one presidential election, and (along with Steve King and others) appears to be trying to cost them another.  On the radio today, Kobach claimed that executive action might lead to nothing less than “socialism” and “ethnic cleasning.”

You can listen to the audio via Right Wing Watch.  At one point, a caller expressed his fears of some kind of Latino takeover, saying that immigrant rights groups are “calling for the return of the Spanish territory, which could be almost half of the United States” (we’re really not) and that “when one race or culture overwhelms another culture, they run them out or they kill them.” And it’s a bigger issue than just being Democrats.”Kobach responded:

What protects us in America from any kind of ethnic cleansing is the rule of law, of course.  And the rule of law used to be unassailable, used to be taken for granted in America. And now, of course, we have a President who disregards the law when it suits his interests. And, so, you know, while I normally would answer that by saying, ‘Steve, of course we have the rule of law, that could never happen in America,’ I wonder what could happen. I still don’t think it’s going to happen in America, but I have to admit, that things are, things are strange and they’re happening.

He returned to the “reconquista” theme when he posited that the government is trying to replace American voters with those who support socialism:

The long term strategy of, first of all, replacing American voters with illegal aliens, recently legalized, who then become U.S. citizens.  There is still a decided bias in favor of bigger government not smaller government. So maybe this strategy of replacing American voters with newly legalized aliens, if you look at it through an ethnic lens … you’ve got a locked in vote for socialism.

Listen to audio from the show at Right Wing Watch.