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Keep Norma Galindo Gonzalez, Mother of Two U.S. Citizen Children, at Home With her Family

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Norma Galindo Gonzalez is a Colorado mom of two U.S. citizen children – and she desperately needs help to stay in this country with her family.

Norma came to the United States in 1991 to escape extreme poverty in her hometown in Mexico. Since then, she has learned English, paid taxes, and raised two sons who have excelled in school. In fact, her oldest son, Hector, just won a full scholarship to Duke University. But yet, the Obama Administration’s immigration agents in Colorado are fighting to deport Norma right away, ignoring the protests of community leaders and supporters around the state.

The Obama Administration has deported a record number of people each of the last three years.  After we protested, they announced a new, more moderate policy last summer.  We had high hopes, but the harsh deportation policy has continued.

Under the Obama Administration’s new policy, Norma should not be targeted for deportation. She’s lived in the U.S. for 21 years, is the mother of two American children, and she has strong ties to her community. Norma has dedicated her life to achieving the American Dream, and has successfully secured it for her children.

Yet immigration officials are recklessly spending their time — and taxpayer resources — trying to take it from her.

Send a message to ICE to stop Norma’s deportation.