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Justice for Joe

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justice mlkCross-posted at The Sanctuary.

In Sheriff Joe
Arpaio’s world
, justice is trampled every day. If you are an immigrant detainee, you could find yourself marching in
chains to segregated “Tent Cities” in the Arizona desert, surrounded
by electric fencing.

Well, together with the House
Judiciary Committee
and diverse organizations, we’re shouting, “Not so
fast!” People from all across the country are speaking out against
Arpaio’s blatant civil and human rights violations.

Here’s the great news: along with our friends at United Farm
Workers, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, NDLON,
and more, we have already collected 8,000 petition signatures for Attorney
General Eric Holder, demanding an investigation into Joe’s horrific tactics.
Only 2,000 signatures are left to reach the goal of 10,000 by the first week of

Watch our brand-new video about Sheriff Joe, and sign the petition now:


To Shriff Joe Arpaio, Driving While Brown
is a bigger deal than the thousands
of felony warrants piling up on his desk
. Joe’s latest publicity stunt crossed
the line.

Well now people are take an even bigger stand, as thousands of protesters
convene in Phoenix at the end of the week to rally for justice. Check out the events happening from
Chicago to Phoenix, watch the new video, and help spread the word
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Together, let’s show this backward Sheriff what justice really means: