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“The Journey”: The Jarritos Commercial You Don’t Want To Miss

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It’s not often a soda commercial has the power to make you cry, but you haven’t seen this one yet.

Diego Luna’s new ad for the popular Mexican soft drink Jarritos is so much more than just a commercial — “it’s an ode to immigrants, celebrating the experience and challenges of building a life in a new land,” writes Laurel Wentz of Creativity:

Mr. Luna shot “The Journey” as a series of images old and new, starting with immigrants trekking to the border or arriving at Ellis Island, then experiencing life in the U.S. The voiceover says, “It started with those before me … those with minimal resources but with hearts full of dreams … this journey is not new, nor is it mine alone. It’s a journey of millions just like me, hoping for more … I believe in this great country and that it’s ready for me.” The video ends with the hashtag #BetterTogether and the line “To the immigrants that made this country wonderful, thank you.”

When so much of this Presidential campaign season has been filled with lies and mischaracterizations about immigrants, leave it to a soda commercial to remind us all about the reality of the immigrant story. Don’t miss it below.