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In Tulsa, Trump Supporters Rip Sign From Teen Protesters, Tell Them “You Can Go To Prison With Hillary”

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“We didn’t get beat up, so that was great,” said teenager Kieran King-Sellars on being booted from Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma earlier this week.

We guess that’s the sad, dangerous atmosphere the leading Republican candidate for President and his followers have created. Peaceful protesters are actually relieved they’ve able to express their First Amendment right without getting socked in the face by thugs.

Kieran and his friends — other students from Booker T. Washington High School — decided to attend the event after having an issue with Trump’s numerous offensive and racist statements.

“We’ve really had the idea of freedom of speech drilled into our heads in school since a young age, so this was really an opportunity to apply these things to the real world,” said one student, Noah Miracle.

“It was important to remind Trump and his supporters that while different political ideologies are completely acceptable, hateful and divisive rhetoric is not.”

The students arrived at the event carrying a sign stating “Trump Makes America Hate Again,” and shirts saying “We are all immigrants.”

The students were peaceful, but, as usual, the Trump fans were not. They responded as they usually do, tearing up their sign (a possibly criminal offense they’ve done over and over again on video) and getting the students kicked out of the building.

According to Tulsa World, one Trump fan — and grown man, mind you — told the teenagers, “You can go to prison with Hillary.”

Still, the young kids aren’t letting ignorance from Trump supporters stop them:

The group of students who protested together knew each other from school and through mutual friends. Though they didn’t all personally know each of the other members of the group, Miracle said it didn’t matter.

“We all had one goal in mind, and that was to stand up for what we believe in and stand up to the awful sentiment the Trump campaign has been spreading,” he said.