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‘Immigration Sunday’ a Call to the Faithful

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bishop stained glassMinnesota’s Catholic bishops have declared January 4th, 2009 to be ‘Immigration Sunday.’ The decision was made to heal divisions left by a large immigration raid in Worthington, Minnesota and to engage Catholics on the Church’s immigration teachings.

The raid, which happened two years ago, inspired area Bishops to enter into our nation’s immigration debate by issuing a call for comprehensive reform and encouraging Catholics around the state to learn more about the issue.

Today’s Minnesota Post had the story:

The group notes: “Anti-immigrant sentiment continues to divide communities throughout Minnesota and recent immigration raids have had a devastating impact on immigrant families and our rural communities. In the context of a new administration and new Congress, the Minnesota Catholic Bishops will release a joint statement calling for comprehensive immigration reform and strategies to reduce global poverty.

“Immigration Sunday” is just one of many faith-based efforts to bring communities together in the wake of stepped-up immigration enforcement that targets immigrant workers and their families, instead of reforming our nation’s immigration laws.

As the Bishops of Minnesota continue to plan for “Immigration Sunday,” we hope that leaders of other states, and from all faiths, take up the call.