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‘Qué pasa’ in Immigration: Introducing Spanish-Language News Roundups

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America’s Voice is starting a new series to bring Spanish-language coverage of immigration and politics to a wider audience. Look for daily roundups (in English), of some of the best Spanish-language news.

ObamaThe EFE and AFP news agencies report that President Obama’s State of the Union address will focus on the economy.

At a demonstration held in front of the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. yesterday, activists protested President Obama’s neglect of his campaign promise to the Hispanic community to make comprehensive immigration reform a reality, as reported by Notimex and La Opinión.

Various media outlets have reprinted the MaribelHastings.com blog post about the DHS protest and “man-on-the-street” attitudes, including New York de Día and El Mirador Paraguayo.

EFE’s Chicago bureau reports that the Cook County Board of Commissioners has passed a resolution asking Congress to pass “just and humane” immigration reform.

Don’t forget to check out the latest Spanish-language reporting and analysis on immigration over at MaribelHastings.com.