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Immigration Not an Issue for Latinos?

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fuzzy mathToday the LA Times is reporting that only 99% of foreign-born and 88% of native- born Latinos think immigration is a big deal.

Wait a minute, does that seem like a lot to anyone else?

The issue is that Latinos no longer think immigration should be the next president’s number one priority, according to the article, “In poll, Latinos put economic recovery over immigration reform:”

Days before Barack Obama begins his presidency, a new survey has found that Latinos do not believe immigration should be the top priority for the new administration.

Well, yeah. There’s this little thing called the economic meltdown to deal with first. See, Latinos care that their homes are being foreclosed on and that whatever money they’d invested for their retirement is drying up.

Latinos, believe it or not, are a lot like other people.

But the Times was probably seeking to stir the pot by presenting the new Pew Hispanic Center findings as a sign that Latinos no longer care about immigration. But even they concede:

Though immigration didn’t make the top of the list of issues, 88% of Latinos did cite it as important. The issue had even more resonance for foreign-born Latinos: 99% said it was important, compared with 75% of U.S.-born Latinos.

So there you have it. Only 99% of foreign-born, and 88% of native born Latinos think immigration is a big deal.