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Immigration Must Reads: White House Meeting Reactions, Both Hopeful and Cynical

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So lots happened last week – an eventful meeting with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano at the White House produced a number of mixed reactions, some hopeful and some cynical. Here are a few key clips from the weekend, to get a flavor for what’s happening:

  • Albor Ruiz of NY Daily News takes Napolitano to task for “cold, formulaic” statement following White House meeting.  He says, like last week’s La Opinion editorial, that words are empty as long as reform is delayed and harsh enforcement proceeds on the street.  

  • LA Times reports on White House meeting, some advocates encouraged, while one calls for piecemeal immigration reform since comprehensive reform appears stalled.  

  • An Arizona Republic editorial says to stop squabbling and get reform – people are dying in the desert as a result of US immigration policy and change is urgently needed.

  • Denver Daily News reports on the White House meeting, with advocates saying “Great! now act accordingly!,” while an editorial in the Washington Post applauds the much needed start on detention reform– but says that without legally enforceable standards, significant improvements are in doubt.

  • Philadelphia Inquirer calls for comprehensive reform with path to citizenship, and a San Antonio News-Express columnist calls for reform, using Ernie Cortez quotes from a recent San Antonio meeting to bolster how San Antonio views this differently.  

Aside from news on the White House meeting, there’s an enraging, front-page Sunday story in the Washington Post on smugglers holding those crossing for ransom from US-based families, with a number of DC-based families saying that the deportation of loved ones is better than death at the hands of criminals.

Jacqueline Stevens has a long piece on ICE deportation of US citizens, and Devin Burghart and a friend opine on the 14th Amendment, birthers, and anti-immigrant members of Congress over at Talking Points MemoMike Lux writes about why Obama better stay close to his base if he wants enthusiastic defense from attacks.

Stay tuned for more regular “Must Reads” as the immigration debate heats up.