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Immigration Impact: DNA Sampling Crosses Line

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dna samplingImmigration Impact reported on a new ruling today that would force DNA samples of any detained immigrant:

Last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a shocking new rule requiring federal agencies to collect DNA samples from non-U.S. persons who are detained under the authority of the U.S in a vague attempt to catch criminals. […]

Previously, the federal government was authorized to collect DNA samples only from persons convicted of felonies, violent crimes, aggravated sexual abuse, or serious military offenses. Now, considering the likelihood of legal U.S. residents and citizens getting caught up in immigration raids, it’s even possible that individuals who are legally in the U.S. with no criminal history will be subjected under this new rule to DNA testing without their consent. 

Get the full scoop from the immigration lawyers cited at the Immigration Impact blog.

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