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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, July 8, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

AP: Clinton Jabs Republican Field on Immigration Policy

AP: Clinton: San Francisco Wrong to Free Immigrant From Jail

New York Times: Clinton Criticizes Bush on Immigration Stance
By Amy Chozick

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton: Republican candidates ‘on a spectrum of hostility’ toward immigrants
By Ed O’Keefe

Politico: Hillary Clinton: On immigration, the GOP is just like Donald Trump
By Gabriel Debenedetti

NBC News: Hillary Clinton: GOP on ‘Spectrum of Hostility’ Towards Immigrants
By Carrie Dann

Bloomberg: Hillary Clinton Faults Republicans for Failing to Denounce Donald Trump
By Arit John

The Hill: Hillary Clinton ‘very disappointed’ in Trump, GOP on immigration
By Niall Stanage and Jonathan Easley

The Hill: Take on Trump? GOP senators opt out
By Alexander Bolton

AP: Mother of woman killed on San Francisco pier says Trump using death ‘for his political platform’

Washington Post: At Trump hotel site, immigrant workers wary
By Antonio Olivo

Wall Street Journal: Republican 2016 Hopefuls to Skip La Raza Gathering of Latino Activists
By Laura Meckler

Vox: Did a Heritage Foundation economist really make up a phone call with Scott Walker?
By Dara Lind

Columbus Dispatch: Kasich calls for ‘rational’ immigration overhaul
By Jack Torry

New York Times: San Francisco Murder Case Exposes Lapses in Immigration Enforcement
By Julia Preston

AP: Lawmakers Criticize Federal Officials on Release of San Francisco Shooting Suspect

NPR: San Francisco’s Position On Immigration Law Questioned After Fatal Shooting
By Robert Siegel

The Hill: Killing roils immigration debate
By Mike Lillis

Bloomberg: Obama’s Agenda Faces Tougher Room in Bid to Loosen Immigration
By Laurel Brubaker Calkins

Politico: Johnson, immigration brass ordered to Texas court
By Josh Gerstein

National Journal: How a Border Crisis Got Defused
By Rachel Roubein

AP: Appeals Court Upholds Parts of Arizona Ethnic Studies Ban

The Hill: GOP bill linking aid to immigration blasted by liberal groups
By Rebecca Shabad

Washington Post (The Fix): 4 big things to know about sanctuary cities and illegal immigration
By Janell Ross

ThinkProgress (Opinion): An Undocumented Immigrant Killed An American. That Doesn’t Prove All Immigrants Are Criminals.
By Esther Lee

The Atlantic (Opinion): What Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand About Immigrants and Crime
By Sally Kohn

USA Today (Opinion): Trump’s immigrant bashing a gift to U.S. voters
By Alan Gomez

MSNBC (Opinion): The magical, disappearing Scott Walker conversation
By Steve Benen

Washington Post (Plum Line): How durable is the Democratic advantage among Latinos?
By Greg Sargent

TruthOut.Org (Op-Ed): Immigrant Youth to Presidential Candidates: Promises Will Not Win Our Support
By Faby Jacome and Hairo Cortes

MSNBC (Opinion): Boehner fibs again on immigration reform?
By Steve Benen

USA Today (Op-Ed): Chinese immigrants now largest group of new arrivals to the U.S
By Erika Lee

The Hill(Op-Ed): US immigration policy hinders developing nations from actually ‘developing’
By Ian M. Smith

Los Angeles Times (Editorial- California): Some common sense on deporting criminals

San Francisco Chronicle (Op-Ed-California): Mixing deportation and criminal justice systems harms communities
By Richard Smith

En español:quepasa_espanol

La Opinión/ImpreMedia (CA): Trumpgate: el mal no tiene nacionalidad
Por Maribel Hastings

Noticiero Univisión [VIDEO]: Hillary Clinton criticó al Partido Republicano; La precandidata asegura que los comentarios negativos contra los indocumentados no es la manera de ganar.

EFE: Clinton dice estar “muy decepcionada” con Trump por sus comentarios ofensivos

EFE: Clinton defiende su honestidad en su primera entrevista como precandidata

Noticiero Univisión [VIDEO]: PGA cambia de sede torneo que se llevaría a cabo en el campo de Donald Trump; La PGA anunció que cambiará de sede el torneo Grand Slam de Golf, que se jugaría en el campo de Donald.

Noticiero Telemundo [VIDEO]: Donald Trump en la mira tras tweet sobre la esposa mexicana de Jeb Bush

Univision.com: El mejor golf abandona los campos de Trump

La Opinión: Inmigrantes a Trump: “Nos esforzamos hasta la muerte para poder comer”
Por Sin Embargo

Noticiero Univisión [VIDEO]: Crece la polémica por las ciudades santuarios; El inmigrante mexicano fue formalmente acusado de homicidio a una joven en San Francisco.

Noticiero Telemundo [VIDEO]: Reviven debate sobre ciudades ‘santuario’ por asesinato de mujer a manos de indocumentado

Univision.com: Arma usada en tiroteo de San Francisco pertenece a un agente federal

La Opinión: Angelinos viajan a Nueva Orleans a luchar por DACA y DAPA
Por Marvelia Alpizar

Univision.com: Indocumentada lleva 11 meses refugiada en iglesia no sale por miedo a ser deportada
Por Jorge Cancino

Associated Press: EEUU: jueces migratorios buscan reducir casos pendientes
Por Luis Alonso Lugo

La Opinión (Editorial): Una tragedia en San Francisco

La Opinion (Editorial): A tragedy in San Francisco