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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, July 16, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

Politico: Jeb Bush girds for debate smackdown with Donald Trump
By Alex Isenstadt

Washington Post: Trump’s popularity spikes among Republicans
By Peyton Craighill and Scott Clement

The Hill: Trump crowds out second-tier GOP presidential candidates
By Niall Stanage

Politico: Poll: Trump’s favorability increasing, but not with Hispanics
By Nick Gass

AP: Donald Trump: ‘A Vote That I Will Win Is the Hispanic Vote’

Politico: Trump: Don’t know why I’m meeting Ted Cruz
By Nick Gass

AP: Cruz Sets Meeting With Trump, Praises ‘Bold, Brash Voice’

Huffington Post: Ted Cruz Defends Donald Trump On Immigration Before Their Dinner Date
By Michael McAuliff and Elise Foley

MSNBC: Cruz defends Trump’s ‘bold, brash voice’ ahead of private meeting
By Emma Margolin

AP: Most of Justice Department Suit vs. Arizona Sheriff Settled

National Journal: D.C. and New York City Could be Next in Giving the Vote to Noncitizens
By J. Weston Phippen

USA Today (Editorial): S.F. ‘sanctuary’ policy violates common sense

The Hill (Op-Ed): Communities are safer when law enforcement roles are clear
By Richard S. Biehl

New York Times  (Op-Ed): Trump Builds One Brand and Damages Another
By Charles M. Blow

New York Times (Taking Note): Jeb Bush’s Latest Attack on Obama Makes No Sense
By Andrew Rosenthal

Washington Post (Plum Line): Why are the GOP presidential candidates afraid of Donald Trump?
By Paul Waldman

Politico Magazine (Op-Ed): How Barack Obama Created Donald Trump
By Keith Koffler

The Hill (Op-Ed): What Trump could have said about illegal immigration and the middle class
By John P. Warren

Sacramento Bee (Opinion-California): Safety about more than securing borders
By Marco Breton

En español:

El voto hispano: encuesta exclusiva de Univision

Avance de la primera encuesta exclusiva de voto latino

Encuesta de Univision: El Partido Republicano sigue sin solucionar su “problema hispano”

Buscan a dreamers que recibieron permisos de empleo por 3 años y no los han devuelto

Buscan a ‘DREAMers’ para que devuelvan permisos de empleo