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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, August 19, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

New York Times (Opinion): Donald Trump’s American Idiocy
By Lawrence Downes

Times Picayune (Louisiana): Jindal joins Trump in urging end to birthright citizenship
By Bruce Alpert

Hot Air: Quotes of the day

New York Times: Donald Trump Paints Republicans Into Corner With Hispanics
By Trip Gabriel and Julia Preston

USA Today: Much of Trump immigration plan not ‘radical’ in GOP circles
By Alan Gomez

Wall Street Journal: For Hispanic Conservatives, Alarm Over Immigration Debate
By Aaron Zitner

Washington Post: For Mexicans, Trump’s bid is getting scarier
By Joshua Partlow

Washington Post: Nations can and do exist without immigration restrictions
By Illya Somin

Politico: Donald Trump’s immigration tab: $166 billion
By Seung Min Kim

Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Immigration Plan Targets Facebook’s Zuckerberg
By Marie-Astrid Langer

Politico: Sarah Palin praises Trump’s immigration policy
By Eliza Collins

CNN: Donald Trump undermines his own immigration policy
By Jeremy Diamond

Vox: Donald Trump is forcing other Republicans to say things they’ll regret about immigration
By Dara Lind

National Journal: The 2016 Republican Field: We’re All Donald Trump
By Nora Kelly

NBC News: Marco Rubio: Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan is Unworkable
By Andrew Rafferty

Politico: Rubio: Trump’s immigration proposal ‘really not a workable plan’
By Nick Gass

The Hill: Pataki: Trump ‘looking to divide’
By Jesse Byrnes

NBC News: Where the GOP 2016 Candidates Stand on Birthright Citizenship
By Mark Murray

MSNBC: GOP candidates rethinking Constitution to end birthright citizenship
By Amanda Sakuma

MSNBC: An unexpected GOP litmus test: birthright citizenship
By Steve Benen

Huffington Post: Racist Fears Have Long Driven Attempts To Restrict Birthright Citizenship
By Amanda Terkel

Politico: Trump to O’Reilly: The 14th Amendment is unconstitutional
By Nick Gass

Politico: Breaking from rivals, Jeb Bush defends birthright citizenship
By Briannah Ehley

CBS News: JEB Bush: Birthright Citizenship is “a constitutional right”
By Rebecca Kaplan

Washington Post:  Rubio ‘not in favor of repealing’ birthright citizenship
By Sean Sullivan

National Journal: Marco Rubio Once Benefitted From Birthright Citizenship, Now He’s Open to Restricting It
By SV Date

Wall Street Journal: Marco Rubio Rejects Birthright Citizenship Repeal
By Rebecca Ballhaus

Bloomberg: Rubio Criticizes Trump’s Plan to End Birthright Citizenship
By John McCormick

Talking Points Memo: Graham Supports Ending Birthright Citizenship: ‘It’s A Bad Practice’
By Caitlin MacNeal

Huffington Post: Meet the Undocumented Immigrant Who Works in a Trump Hotel
By Tanisha Love Ramirez

New York Times: Latest CNN Republican Poll Has Donald Trump at 24%
By Alan Rappeport

New Jersey.Com: Christie calls for passage of ‘Kate’s Law,’ defunding of ‘sanctuary cities’
By Claude Brodesser-Akner

Miami Herald: Marco Rubio wants U.S. to intervene in Haiti, Dominican Republic migration crisis
By Patricia Mazzei

Al Jazeera America: Scott Walker’s immigration policies cause fear in Wisconsin’s dairyland
By Naureen Khan

NPR: The Evolution Of The Immigration Term: Alien
By Adrian Florido

Reuters: U.S. Ads Target Illegal Immigration From Central America

Los Angeles Times: As immigration backlog surges, some overwhelmed judges retire
By Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Los Angeles Times (California): Killing in Santa Maria becomes flashpoint in debate on illegal immigration
By Javier Panzar

La Opinion (Editorial): Well-Known Bad Idea On Immigration

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Republicans Unravel on Immigration
By Francis Wilkinson

Washington Post (Opinion): The false assumptions underlying Trump’s immigration plan
By Ruth Marcus

Washington Post (Op-Ed): Donald Trump does not understand the economics of immigration
By Jared Bernstein

The New Republic (Opinion): Look Out, Republicans: Donald Trump Is Shaping Policy Now, Too
By Brian Beutler

Vox (Opinion): I read Donald Trump’s immigration plan, and it’s even crueler than I expected
By Ezra Klein

New York Times (Op-Ed): Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump
By Hector Tobar

Washington Post (Plum Line): Birthright citizenship was one of the Republican Party’s greatest accomplishments. Now some Republicans want to end it.
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Plum Line): Did Republicans just give away the 2016 election by raising birthright citizenship?
By Paul Waldman

Washington Post (The Fix): Donald Trump and Scott Walker want to repeal birthright citizenship. It’s nearly impossible.
By Philip Bump

Washington Post (Right Turn): Questions for immigration extremists
By Jennifer Rubin

Arizona Republic (Opinion- Arizona): Trump is GOP’s designated dehumanizer
By Linda Valdez

Boston Globe (Opinion- Massachusetts): Deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes isn’t always the answer
By Kari Hong

Las Vegas Sun (Op-Ed-Nevada): Immigration stance holds sway for evangelicals
By Diego Trujillo

En español:

Trump: Ahuyetando el voto latino
Por Maribel Hastings

Inmigrante mexicano que trabaja para Trump publica video criticándolo

No estoy orgulloso de trabajar para ti; mexicano empleado de Trump

Conoce al inmigrante indocumentado que trabaja para Trump (Video)

Donald Trump arremete contra medidas que favorecen a los inmigrantes (Video)

Donald Trump critica la postura de Mark Zuckerberg sobre inmigración

Jeb Bush se opone a quitar la cudadanía a hijos de indocumentados

Cómo los millonarios hermanos Koch quieren enamorar a los hispanos

Mexicanos con salida voluntaria entre 2009 y 2014 comienzan a volver a EEUU

Buscan en México a indocumentados deportados desde EEUU entre 2009 y 2014

Nuevo beneficio migratorio: la discreción fiscal

Borstars, en ayuda de indocumentados en la frontera

Indocumentada salvadoreña deja refugio en iglesia

Detenidos 32 inmigrantes al llegar a la costa de Florida

Estados Unidos lanza campaña para desalentar la inmigración indocumentada

Lanzan una nueva campaña para desalentar la inmigración de indocumentados (Video)

Rescatan a diez indocumentados atrapados en un vagón de tren en EEUU

Una conocida mala idea migratoria

DACA trajo beneficios para todos

Trump a la cabeza

Se expande acceso a licencias de conducir para indocumentados en EEUU

Madres sin papeles pedirán al Papa que se convierta en la voz de los indocumentados

Remesas salvan hogares mexicanos ante la depreciación del peso (Video)

Se activa el registro de ‘Dacamentados’ para el registro de votantes