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Immigrants to blame for Wall Street meltdown!  Really?!?

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Just when we thought we already had enough problems with the Wall Street fiasco, in walks Michelle Malkin. The right-wing blogger and television loudmouth has given us a new group to point fingers at. That’s right, the current Wall Street meltdown has nothing to do with government ineptitude or failure to stem corporate greed… “It’s the immigrants, stupid!”

In her syndicated column yesterday, Malkin stated “The Mother of All Bailouts has many fathers…But there’s one giant paternal elephant in the room that has slipped notice: how illegal immigration, crime-enabling banks, and open-borders Bush policies fueled the mortgage crisis.”

It’s hard to be surprised by Malkin’s “theories” anymore, but this really is a hysterical low.

Unfortunately, Malkin’s claims are part of a broader trend involving right-wing media, think tanks, and anti-immigrant organizations. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), known for publishing less-than-credible research, recently released a report blaming immigrants for global warming. Then they claimed immigrants were conspiring to steal elections. What’s next in the anti-immigrant blame game? Immigrants responsible for rising gas prices? Immigrants to blame for hurricanes?

Organizations and journalists advocating these claims are only making fools of themselves in the long run. Malkin is not going to convince the American public that immigrants are responsible for this financial meltdown. The CIS study doesn’t even use real math. We think these claims speak for themselves.

What the Malkins of the world might not realize, however, is how their words will soon come back to haunt them.

Latino voters are poised and ready to be key players in the November election. Articles like Malkin’s are fueling immigrant voters nationwide to get out to the polls with unprecedented force. Immigrants, and Latino immigrants in particular, are tired of immigration being used as an excuse for every problem imaginable.

Latino voters are ready to make their voices heard this November, to drown out the Michelle Malkins of the world who are just looking for the next big thing to blame on their communities.